Ramadan / Eid

Eid Party Ideas

Eid Party Ideas

Eid is such an exciting occasion for Muslim families! Eid Mubarak! I hosted this Eid Party and it was huge hit for my kids. It’s really about spending times together. We had this party just for our family, but you can also host it as a kids only party. I loved hosting this Eid Party …

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Ideas for Ramadan Decorations

Looking for easy budget friendly ideas from Ramadan decorations? Here’s a few that are education and kid-approved! Raising my kids to be global citizens and proud Muslims has been a goal of mine. These are my favourite ideas for Ramadan Decorations that are beautiful, fun and teach my kids about Ramadan. We talk about different …

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hanging Ramadan advent calendar

Printable Ramadan Advent Calendar

This Ramadan, make this printable Ramadan Advent Calendar. I’m so excited to share this template with you! You can use this as an advent calendar or a little village for kids to play with. It will take a few hours, so make it a fun family craft!  What benefit is the a Ramadan Advent Calendar? …

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Ramadan banner printable for kids

Printable Ramadan and Eid Banner

A cute Ramadan banner can make a big impact and making your home ready for Ramadan. These are so colourful and fun for kids to look at. All you do is print, cut and string it together. I recommend using a hole puncher to string them together Download the Eid Banner Download the Ramadan Banner …

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$2 DIY jewelry dish

I saw this beautiful DIY air dry clay jewellery drop dish on Lia’s website. I had pinned it to my board and I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to make this. With the holidays right around the corner I decided to make this for my son’s teachers. So I picked up a bar of air …

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1 hour prayer mat ladder

I’ve always had a knack for looking at things differently. Unfortunately my prayer mats I’ve been sitting in a closet for all my life. They are beautiful with the embroidery and the colors. They deserve to be displayed. So I decided to make a traditional blanket ladder but use it to display my prayer mats!! …

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DIY floral shadow box

I was gifted this beautiful rose gold wood word “Salaam” by Also Sophia. It’s from the Perfectly Imperfect line. She told me that it had a few marks and asked for my help to DIY it. She is selling many words like: Ramadan, Eid, Mubarak, Salaam at a discount because of the slight damage. You …

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Cheap and easy Ramadan advent calendars and what to fill inside

With Ramadan right around the corner, a lot of us are trying to think about how we can keep the kids engaged and teach them about Islam! I rounded up some inexpensive and easy DIY advent calendars I made this one using just a few things including envelopes and a branch. I gifted this to …

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Ramadan DIY decor

Ramadan decor DIY

I am going to make Ramadan fun with 5 Ramadan decor DIY ideas. This year is a totally different Ramadan. Many of us will be spending it within our homes, instead of work, school and the masjid. So I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favourite easy DIY‘s by my friends. These are so simple …

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