Ideas for Ramadan Decorations

Raising my kids to be global citizens and proud Muslims has been a goal of mine. These are my favourite ideas for Ramadan Decorations that are beautiful, fun and teach my kids about Ramadan. We talk about different culture and religions in our home. When Ramadan comes around, I want my kids to know it’s significance.

1. Put up Ramadan decorations

A Ramadan advent calendar is a great way to help your kids learn about Ramadan, and have a little surprise every day. I made this printable Ramadan calendar that we have reused for 3 years now.

You can hang it on your wall, on a branch, or off your fireplace. My kids love playing with the little structures with hot wheels as well – they make a little village out of it

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations printable
Ideas for Ramadan Decorations advent calendar

We have a few different zones in my home with Ramadan decorations. My favourite is definitely in our play space. I created the washi tape masjid wall. This lives in our play space permanently, but we add to it for Ramadan. This year, I added this Ramadan banner. I love that it comes in different metallic tones.

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations corner
Ideas for Ramadan Decorations 2

Last year I also made this floral shadow box with the Salaam sign, a shadow box and florals from Michaels. See the full tutorial here.

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations artwork

2. Ramadan crafts

My kids love painting. Also Sophia has many wooden signs that kids can paint and stand up on a shelf.

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations and crafts
Ideas for Ramadan Decorations and crafts

3. Create a Ramadan basket

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations reading nook

I collect all the kids Ramadan books and toys in one central place for Ramadan. We can then focus our learning in that space. What to include in our Ramadan basket:

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations reading nook

4. Expand their islamic knowledge

My kids are int he habit of seeing us pray. During Ramadan I try to focus more on stories from the Quran and lessons that they can use to help guide them in their life.

5. Make Ramadan fun and full of surprises

I love this pack of cookie cutters! So many different shapes. I like to surprise the kids and have with by cutting out their sandwich and cheese. We use them for playdough, cookies and pancakes as well.

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations meals
Ramadan cookie cutters

6. Spread the Ramadan spirit

We put up a Ramadan wreath so our neighbours know we are celebrating Ramadan. When Eid comes around, I swap it with the Eid wreath! I added flowers to the wreath with hot glue.

Ideas for Ramadan Decorations ramadan wreath

I hope you have a lovely Ramadan!

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