About Me

Hi friends! Welcome to my Happy Home! I’m a marketing professional but have always been crafting, building or designing. When I was younger I dreamed of being an interior designer but was “guided” into a more traditional career (most South Asian’s can understand this!).

My dad taught me how to build, cut and create. He is a true DIY-er. In an era without YouTube and Pintrest he learned to do things by trial and error and asking around. I remember being a little girl of 5 years old and helping my dad build a fence around our backyard. Anything he taught my brother would be taught to me as well. My dad was ALWAYS doing some type of project. We even built majority of our basement and one of our houses.

I’m really grateful that my dad taught me these skills especially as it’s very uncommon in the South Asian community. I started this blog to help people learn and see that anyone can build and create beautiful things with their hands. Even if you’re pregnant or if you have children!

Come with me on this journey as we personalize our builder grade home!

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