Retractable Shade Pergolas

Retractable pergola

We have a beautiful deck that we had constructed five years ago when we moved into this house. Unfortunately, at that time, we didn’t realize how much sun we get throughout the day and evening. That deck has been mostly unused because the intense sun in the summertime. It’s so hot that we can’t even entertain out there.

Before we set up our deck!

For several years I have been looking for a budget solution for this deck. I did not want to build I would pergola that would cost thousands of dollars. I finally found an affordable retractable shade pergola and it has changed our use of that outdoor space. I didn’t even know that you could have a Pergola that you could adjust the shade on the side. All the ones that I had previously seen you could only adjust the shade at the top so that it was open at the top.

Retractable shade pergola on a patio
Retractable shade pergola blocking sun

One bonus is that the shade pergola also provides shade from the sun coming into our living room. In the summertime our living room turned into an oven. It was so hot. This will help reduce our electric bill as well!

Retractable shade pergola with flowers

Why didn’t you build your own pergola

I know everyone is wondering why I didn’t build my own pergola. I think I did too. This held me back from having any shade coverage for several years. When I costed out using that kit versus building my own, I couldn’t justify the cost. With the cost of wood and the brackets and screws it was easily over $1000. Not to mention the time that it would take to measure, cut, and build my own Pergola. Creating one from a kit took about 2 hours.

Now I know what you’re thinking “Wood is much more durable than this metal pergola”. That is true, but this is not our forever home. We have been thinking and wondering when we’re going to move. I didn’t want to make such a large investment when I’m not sure how long we are going to be in this home.

Here’s a quick glimpse of how we assembled this pergola and the shade canopy in action

Reveal of our new patio space!

Similar Retractable Shade Pergolas for you!

roundup of Retractable shade pergola on a patio

Shop all these pergola’s below or on my LTK

affordable Retractable shade pergola

This pergola is the most similar in size (10×10) shape and functionality to the one that I purchased. Plus it is a very reasonable price point for a retractable pergola. It looks like the shade mechanism is a little bit different as the shade sits on top of the bars (mine is threaded through) but it has the additional stability of the diagonal braces

black Retractable shade pergola
This 10’x10′ Patio Pergola has additional diagonal braces to provide more stability. It is the same size as mine. Mine does not have that and sways on a windy day. The fabric is a high quality Teslin fabric which is UV resistant, aging resistant and rot resistance.
Retractable shade pergola on a patio modern black

This 10×12 steel pergola has a modern look with no wing tips. It also provides additional privacy with the metal bars that you could hang plants off as well! The white shade is perfect to reflect the sun.

open roof Retractable shade pergola

If you’re only looking for sun coverage on the roof of your pergola, this 10×10 retractable shade pergola is a great option. My pergola does not have the option to be open at the top. This retractable pergola has the ability to pull it all the way back so it’s open at the top but can also be closed if you want shade coverage.

Retractable shade pergola on a patio with slat wall

This 10×12′ pergola is an investment if you know you’re going to be in your home for several years. It provides sun coverage and privacy from the top and both sides all around and has a modern finished with the black slat wall. The canopy is fixed into a track system to help keep it in place on windy days. There are built in handles on both sides of the canopy so you can adjust the shade coverage with ease, simple hold the handle and pull on the shade

Retractable shade pergola on a patio with outdoor sofa

This 12 x 12′ pergola has a slightly bigger footprint. I love how you can fit a corner outdoor sofa. This would be fantastic for entertaining.

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