Ramadan and Eid

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  1. Easy DIY Ramadan decor

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  2. Amy

    I am very unstetestes in this – what did you do around the little plastic things holding the mirror in place? (I have no idea what they are called!)

    Thank you! (Also, I also teach body pump! #united)

  3. Hana’s Happy Home

    We didn’t have those on our mirrror but you can make a little notch and chisel around them

    1. Amy

      thank you! I’ll try to do that 🙂

  4. Susan

    Looks great..been wanting to try.

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      Thanks!! Let me know how it goes!

  5. unashamedcatlady

    What a dream room! I love how all the elements come together so seamlessly. You’ve left me feeling inspired 🙂

  6. Meyer Clark Studio

    I will show this to my husband.

  7. heresyoursignbywendismith

    What color green is the kids bathroom

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      It’s privilege green by sherwin williams

  8. Trina

    Can you give more detail about accounting for the door trim and how that is done on the edges? I’d love to try this!

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      I have a whole highlights on my Instagram that will help answer this question

  9. Tai East

    Those are really cute! 💙

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  11. Estelle Fong

    I am in love with so many of your projects and designs! So inspiring and somewhat daunting!! I would love to do your desk! Also, do you make your own candles (noticed them in your leaves jewelry dish photos). Thanks for sharing all these awesome and aspirational project ideas… mu eldest is an awesome DIYer but sadly I can’t rely on her help these days (away at college and studying way too much!). By the way I laughed out loud when you said you were „guided“ to pursue a more traditional career by your family. My husband is Chinese American with a very overbearing mother and he can definitely relate…

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      Hi Estelle!! Thank you so much!! That’s so sweet! I’m sure you and your daughter could do some awesome DIYs in the future! Feel free to follow me on Instagram for more of my DIYs!

  12. Nav

    This is amazing.

  13. Lesley

    can you provide paint colors you used?

  14. Meyer Clark Studio

    A beautiful rainbow room is a blessing!

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  17. Joyce S.

    After you filled the holes did you have to paint everything?

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  23. IKEA Bunk bed makeover - Hana's Happy Home

    […] probably one of my favourite things to do. I’ve hacked this scallop kids table, and this watermelon ombre dresser! The furniture at IKEA is so versatile that you can literally do anything with it. 3 years ago we […]

  24. Paige

    I love your project and am planning to do it on my own mirror!
    I’m curious, how has your frame held up with regular showering (ie. humidity and mirror fog) since you posted it in 2019?

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      No issues at all! Still looks great. I do have a window in this bathroom so it doesn’t get very humid

      1. Paige

        I completed this project last month and am so happy! Thanks for the inspiration and guidance. It seems to be holding up just fine in my windowless bathroom, for those who are interested.

        Photo here: https://ibb.co/KGSp3Cp
        ^the link will expire in Nov 2021

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  26. Sameera Iqbal

    This looks incredible Hana! I’m a newbie diy’er so I’m
    Not ready for power tools yet
    Instead of the jigsaw I’m going to use one of these plastic bow mitre saw- like this

    What do you recommend for Pin nailer?

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      I’ve never done this, but You can use a hammer and nails but you might be able to see the nail head. The pin nailer ensures the head sits below the trim surface. You can try it out and see how it works. You may also be able to rent a nailer if cost is an issue.

  27. Christine

    Such talent! Incredible workmanship! 🤩

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      Aw thank you!! It was no easy task!

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