Upgrading our builder grade mirror: DIY double framed mirror

Hana’s Happy Home

Went from DIY dreamer to DIY Do-er | Personalizing our cookie cutter new build | Minimalist | Humble mama | Yogafit and Les Mills Body Pump certified

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  1. Amy

    I am very unstetestes in this – what did you do around the little plastic things holding the mirror in place? (I have no idea what they are called!)

    Thank you! (Also, I also teach body pump! #united)

  2. Hana’s Happy Home

    We didn’t have those on our mirrror but you can make a little notch and chisel around them

    1. Amy

      thank you! I’ll try to do that 🙂

  3. Paige

    I love your project and am planning to do it on my own mirror!
    I’m curious, how has your frame held up with regular showering (ie. humidity and mirror fog) since you posted it in 2019?

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      No issues at all! Still looks great. I do have a window in this bathroom so it doesn’t get very humid

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