$5 DIY blow dryer art

Here is the perfect DIY blow dryer artwork. I’ve always struggled with picking out artwork. In fact, we’ve lived in this house for almost 4 years and I don’t have a single piece of artwork hung.

As I’ve been making over our hallway, it seems like the perfect place to have some artwork. It was extremely hard for my to figure out what to do. I tried a large piece of artwork but it didn’t quite fill out the space

30 min update for $5 DIY blow dryer art

Instead I decided to use these large canvases and leftover paint to make this blow dryer art. Trust me, anyone can make this!

What you need for DIY blowdryer artwork

  • Paints – you can acrylic/ craft/ even interior paints
  • Water
  • Several disposable cups
  • Pop sickle sticks
  • Canvas
  • Blow dryer with narrow piece nozzle
  • Apron
  • Newspaper

Let’s make our DIY blow dryer art

1. Set up your station. Put ample amount of newspaper down because it will get messy. I did mine outside in case the paint splattered. I don’t want any on my white walls

2. Dilute all your paints and mix well. You want your paints to be runny, just slightly thicker thank water but def thinner than a smoothie

for your blow dryer artwork, dilute with water

3. Pour your paints. Start with white and then add the colours. Try to fill different parts of the canvas so you get good coverage. Tip: after some experimentation, I learned to add the black after you blow dry the other colours. The black mucks up the canvas.

Start by pouring white paint on the canvas
dilute paints with water and pour them on

4. Use the blowdryer on high hot speed to spread the paints. You’ll see that the thinner the paint solution, the easier it is to spread.

Poured artwork

5. Let it dry on a flat surface. Once dry, hang it up and enjoy your artwork

That’s all it takes. I love how fun and organic this was to create! Find me over on Instagram for more affordable DIYs.

green hallways door with blow dryer artwork

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