My favorite places to buy Peel and Stick Wallpaper

It’s no secret that I LOVE wallpaper. Wallpaper is an inexpensive way to make a big impact on a budget. The best part is that you don’t need any tools. I’ve installed wallpaper on tons of walls with just a level and utility knife.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get on my instagram is “Where do you buy wallpaper from?”. In this post I’ll be sharing my favourite wallpaper shops. All of these are online and you can order right from this post! Check out my all about wallpaper post, if you’re looking to learn all about the pros/ cons and my best tips to install peel and stick wallpaper.

Peel and stick wallpaper is like a giant sticker, meant for the walls of a home or office. It’s mess free as there is no paste involved like a traditional wallpaper. You simply remove the backing and stick the wallpaper to the wall.

As with any product, there is a range of wallpapers from $30 a roll to hundreds of dollars a roll. Isn’t that like buying a purse? I’ve used some very budget wallpapers and also some that cost hundreds to install in a room. I will share my honest opinion on these brands. I’ve shopped at several of the brands, and if I haven’t, I have vetted them with DIY friends of mine that love them. For my Canadian friends, I find it very hard to find wallpaper as a Canadian myself. I usually order them. toan American address while we are vacationing. Sorry!!

What is the benefit of peel and stick wallpaper vs traditional wallpaper

  • It’s easy to install for beginner DIYers. You don’t need a single power tool. Just a level and a utility knife.
  • It can be done alone. I’ve installed several wallpapers on my own
  • It’s mess free. Since you are just removing the backing of the wallpaper like a giant sticker, it’s not messy. There is no paste involved
  • It’s repositionable. Once of the biggest worries of newbies is that the edges won’t line up. It’s not an issue as these wallpapers can be peeled off and reapplied. Just do it quickly and don’t press into the wallpaper until you’re sure it’s in the right spot.

Where can you NOT use peel and stick wallpaper?

I have used wallpaper in any space. However, before purchasing your wallpaper, read the manufacturers instructions. Some wallpapers are not recommended on textured wallpaper. However, others can be applied if you prepr the walls.

I think it’s okay to use peel and stick wallpaper if you chose a high quality wallpaper like Spoonflower. I have applied their wallpaper in my niece’s bathroom that has no windows and it has not peeled or had any water damage. If you chose a cheaper wallpaper, expect that it may no the durable in a bathroom with a lot of moisture build up. If you have good venting, I don’t think it would be an issue.


Black and white florals | Grass Weave Wallpaper | Gold Geometric cubes

What I love: Amazon wallpaper is fantastic if you’re looking for a budget DIY wallpaper. Although these wallpapers are easy to access and budget friendly, they. are made of vinyl. I find vinyl is a bit harder to work with than thicker canvas wallpaper.
Price range: Low

Anewall Decor

Woodland forest | Clouds | Dogs

What I love: I used Anewall decor wallpaper in my daughter’s whimsical closet nursery. I really love the pattern turned out. The animals are so fun! With Anewall you can also place a custom size order and they will make the wallpaper repeat based on the size of the wall. This is especially important if you’re taking the wallpaper around the whole room so the seams align on the very first and last panel. I also love this wallpaper as it’s thicker which makes it easier to apply. There are so many fun patterns for kids!
Price range: High

In my daughter’s closet nursery I used this adorable woodlands wallpaper. I liked this a lot because most the woodlands wallpaper were masculine, but this is so sweet for a little girls nursery.

Home Depot

Watercolor Buffalo Check | Charcoal Stripe | Rosewood Acanthus Floral

What I love: I love the selection of wallpaper at Home Depot. I am using this wallpaper in my basement bathroom makeover. Plus, they also carry designer wallpapers like the Magnolia Home Line by Joanna Gaines. There are so many wallpapers to chose from. Plus, it’s so easy to access them with free shipping across the nation.
Price range: Low

Muse Wall Studios

Waves | Herringbone | Blush Plaid

What I love: Muse Wall Studios has many different styles of wallpaper. A lot of these designs are very classic and timeless and could be used in a dining room, or bathroom. They also have a huge assortment of abstract wallpapers
Price range: Low

Rocky Mountain Decals

Boho Floral | Charcoal Forest Faries | Forest Wall Mural

What I love: Rocky Mountain Decals has a lot of oversized patterns that are perfect for a girls room or playroom. Oversized patterns make a space feel so much larger. I love using bold patterns to add a huge punch of character to any space. They also have wall decals if you’re looking for an easier project. Plus, if you’re not into fun and bold wallpaper, they also have beautiful forest wall murals that are more more neutral that look fantastic in a bedroom.
Price range: Mid-High


Hummingbirds and bees | Cozy Night Sky | Black Cranes

What I love: I’ve used many Spoonflower wallpapers in my home. I really love how thick this wallpaper is. It’s not like a paper. It is a woven textured wallpaper. It feels like a canvas. This makes it much easier to apply. Plus, you can browse thousands of different styles from artists all around the world. I love knowing that I am supporting an artist when I purchase this wallpaper. If you’re artistic yourself, you can even upload your own design. They have different options for peel and stick, pre-pasted or traditional. Plus they even have grasscloth texture that I haven’t seen elsewhere!
Price range: High

Here’s my parents laundry room that I installed this green magnolia floral wallpaper

When I designed my office space, I didn’t want a boring office space! I wanted it to be fun, so I used this leopard wallpaper and cut out a few on the adjacent wall to add whimsy.

Office space with Leopard Wallpaper

I had an artist custom design this floral watercolor wallpaper for a bathroom makeover for my 5 and 7 year old pieces. I love that the artist are able to customer the color or scale!

Urban Outfitters

Hippie flowers | Wild Mushrooms | Peaches

What I love: Urban outfitters has really unique wallpapers that are bright and colorful. The vibe is a bit retro and whimsical. I would love to see a wallpaper like this in a bathroom or laundry room.
Price range: Low-Mid


Marple Flowers | Britainy Birds | Blue Cranes

What I love: Wayfair has a huge breadth of wallpapers to choose from. Although Wayfair has a range of prices, they often have great sales. So if there’s a wallpaper. you like, add it to your favourites and track the price.
Price range: Low to High

I’d love to see you install wallpaper. If you do, make sure to share with me @hanashappyhome

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