Chalk paint anything to make it look new!

It’s no secret I love thrifting and buying second hand items. The thrill of what unique piece you will find, save from the landfill and save money is a perfect combination!

I found this second mirror on letgo for only $10. Arch mirrors are very in style right now, so I was pumped. Note: if you’re meeting someone to buy/sell items, always meet in a public place.

Chalk paint can be used to cover up many different surfaces – plastic, wood, wicker, rattan, metal etc. Rustoleum Canada was generous enough to give me chalk paint, a topcoat, and a chalk paint brush. All opinions on my own.

What you need

  • Rustoleum chalk paint in charcoal
  • Rustoleum top coat
  • Rustoleum chalk paint brush
  • 220 grit sand paper
  • Cleaner and paper towel
  • Zinsser primer
  • Nail gun

Let’s get DIY-ing!

  1. Remove the backing of the mirror (skip this step if you’re doing furniture!)
  2. Give your item a light sanding. This will help get any funk off and help the primer adhere to the frame
  3. Clean your item and dry it well
  4. Prime your item. You could skip this step, but I’ve found that paint may chip (especially on plastic)
  5. Paint 2 coats of the chalk paint. Make sure to feather the paint so it blends well . Make sure to prime and paint the back of the mirror frame otherwise you will see the backing in the reflection of the mirror.
  6. Apply the top coat.
  7. Nail the backing onto the mirror

Closing thoughts

Arch mirrors are very in style. If you’d like to see how it is styled be sure to check out my blog post on styling a dresser

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