Get your Ramadan Printables Now!

Ramadan Mubarak my friends! In the last few years, I want my kids to be more focused on learning about islam in a fun way! So I created this activity pack for them and for your family!

Grab these free Ramadan Printables. Before Ramadan begins, grab your printable to include in your child’s Ramadan Basket to get them excited for Ramadan. Throughout Ramadan I will be uploading a new Ramadan activity book printable every Sunday! 

The free printables are perfect for kids age 4-8.

What’s inside the Free Ramadan Printables

  • Coloring pages
  • Ramadan journal pages
  • Decorations
  • Good deeds checklist
  • Crafts
  • Word scrambles
  • Crosswords
  • Counting shapes and more!

It’s perfect to keep your kids busy as you prepare Iftaar. Plus, they will be learning about the prophets, basics of islam, and more! All you need is letter sized paper and a black and white printer.

If you’re looking for Ramadan decorations, I also have a Ramadan calendar and Ramadan banner decor for purchase

How to bring the Ramadan Spirit into your Home

  • Visit the masjid for iftaar or taraweeh. Depending on their ages, do what you can. 
  • plan activities that exhibit the islamic spirit – go volunteer at a soup kitchen, or collect canned goods from friends and family. I also have a good deeds checklist in the downloadable Ramadan printables.
  • Before Ramadan, take a family trip to shop for essentials like dates, and fibre and protein rich foods. Explain to kids why we need to nourish our body
  • Keep a Ramadan journal and reflect on how we are spending our time. Are we a good role model for our kids?
  • There are so many options for Ramadan books and Board games to play with your kids. It’s important for children to see their religion represented. 

All you need is letter sized paper and a black and white printer.

Week 1 – Ramadan Activity Book

Week 2 Printables

Week 3 – Printable Ramadan Cards

Print these off and fold them. The image looks blank at the top because that’s the back of the card

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