The Top 10 Kitchen Trends in 2024

Black cabinets with butcher block counter

If you’re looking to update your kitchen this year, whether it’s small budget updates or a major renovation, keep reading to find out the top 10 Kitchen trends in 2024. This is your go-to kitchen design trends. You’ll find the latest in kitchens – everything from cabinets to counters, even the small details of hardware. Since I love DIY, I am also sharing lots of ways you can save money and DIY parts of your kitchen project. I know we are in a weird time – inflation is high, and we don’t want to spend a ton of money to make our home beautiful. If you’re also looking to update other parts of your home, check out my post on 2024 interior design trends.  

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Trend 1: Cabinet Colors are Back

One of the easiest ways to change your kitchen is with the cabinet color. You can even paint the existing kitchen cabinets if you’re looking for a budget DIY with a BIG impact. Because the cabinets take up so much visual space in a kitchen, you want to pick a color that you’re going to love. White kitchens are becoming less popular. But if you want to keep light colored cabinets, go with a soft beige. Beige cabinets can be modern, or transitional. 

Beige Kitchen Cabinets with brass hardware. Image Credit: Cove Kitchen by Studio McGee

If you’re looking for a dramatic color, both black and green cabinets will be very popular. These 2 colors have been popular paint colors in the last few years, and now that color trend is moving to the kitchen as well. 

Black cabinets with butcher block counter
Black cabinets will be trending in Kitchen Design 2024
Green kitchen cabinets will be trending in 2023
Green kitchen cabinets

Mid toned and darker toned wood cabinets are becoming increasingly more popular. Pair these with creams, and wood beams to get an organic and natural kitchen feeling.

The Swan Lake Kitchen by Studio McGee shows how warm the wood cabinets can be. Image Source: Studio McGee

Trend 2: Marble Veined Backsplash Slabs or Islands

We are seeing a lot of dramatic marble veined backsplash.  These so super luxurious. The most popular color scheme will be white with dark veining, but black slabs of marble will also be very popular if you’re looking for a more moody vibe.

Studio McGee Kitchen with marble veining backsplash. Image Source: Studio McGee

They are also quite costly. If you want to replicate this look on a budget, grab an epoxy kit and try to recreate this look.  

The marble counters are also really popular in 2024 kitchen counter design. 

Trend 3: Welcome to the multipurpose kitchen island

One of the biggest kitchen design trends that has taken over in the past 7 years, and is here to stay is a large kitchen island. Kitchen Islands are so popular because they make the kitchen a space that is not just for cooking. It’s also a space for eating and entertaining. It’s the focal point of the kitchen.

A large island serves such a functional purpose for families who are rushing in the morning to pack lunches, eat breakfast and jet out the door! It’s easy to dump all the dishes in the sink/dishwasher. An island that faces a living room is great for the open movement of guests throughout the main level of a home. 

Large kitchen island
Large kitchen islands will continue to be the centre of the home in 2024

One of the easiest ways to make the island look high end is to add a waterfall island. I regret not adding this design element in my home. 

Open Shelving in a blue and white kitchen
Open Shelving in a blue and white kitchen with a white waterfall island

Trend 3: Floating Shelves

When you walk into a kitchen, all the floor to ceiling, wall to wall cabinet doors can make the space look heavy. This is why floating shelves have become one the latest kitchen trends in recent years. By removing even 1 set of upper cabinets, you can make the space look so much lighter and brighter. Wood floating shelves will continue to be popular, but we will also see marble shelving in 2024. You can also add some interest to the shelves with a brass rail. It’s these small details that make 

Wood floating shelves with beautifully displayed decor. Image Source: Thistle Harvest

Trend 4: Organic Shape Tiles 

If you want to update your backsplash but don’t like the drama of the marble veined backsplash, opt for an organic shape tile. This is a style that doesn’t have perfectly square edges. A really popular choice is zellige tiles. You don’t even need to put spacers between them. Softer shapes are really nice in a kitchen where there is a lot of angles like the cabinets, island and appliances. I hate to say this, but the subway style tiles are a thing of the past. 

Blue Kitchen with stacked zellige tile. Source: Studio McGee

Trend 5: Door Profiles

Your style will determine what type of door profile will work best in your kitchen. If you have a modern kitchen opt for a flat panel door.

Modern Kitchen Design with flat panel doors for 2023 trends
Modern Kitchen Design with flat panel doors for 2024 trends

Shaker style doors work better for a transitional kitchen. Glass doors or reeded glass doors are also really popular especially with a few clean decor dishes and a backlight. 

Display Cabinet on the counter with beautifully displayed dishes. Image Source: MyWestCoast.Life

Trend 6 – Hide your Appliances

Panel ready appliances are going to continue to be popular. They make a home look more high end because there is a continuous row of cabinet doors. If you want to achieve this look, you must buy a panel ready appliance. Also, work with your cabinet company so they can make a custom door to the exact size of the fridge. Don’t buy a regular fridge and expect to be able to add a panel door to it!

To reduce the clutter on the countertop, add an appliace station. This is a cabinet door that covers the small appliances like blender, coffee machine, toaster, etc. This looks so much cleaner and you can even make it a feature with a different style door. 

A slide out appliance drawer for your coffee machine is genius! Image Credit: Erin Zubot Design

Trend 7 – Make your Exhaust Hood a Design Feature

Remember when we used to hide our exhaust in the cabinet above the stove? An easy update to bring your come to the current trends is to remove the cabinet and add a unique hood design. There are lots of different shapes. Make sure to pair the shape with the style of cabinets. 

This hood is a focal point with the marble shelving. Image Source: MyWestCoast.Life

Trend 8 – Use the same wood flooring in your kitchen and home

Source: Making Pretty Spaces

When I was a kid, there was no way you would find wood flooring in a kitchen – both hardwood or laminate. But these floorings have come such a long way and are so durable! They are water and heat resistant too. It looks much more high end to conitnue the same wood flooring in the main level right into a kitchen, especially if it’s an open space kitchen. It gives the main level of the home a much more cohesive flow. 

Trend 9: Enhance a Kitchen with metallic features

Polished Brass and nickel will be really popular in kitchen designs. These add a nice sparkle where otherwise, it would be a dull kitchen. Don’t be afraid to mix metals as well, like a polished nickel faucet and brass hardware. Classical faucet shapes are also going to be very popular. Modern shapes will remain a staple. 

Beautiful beige cabinets with gold hardware. Image Source: Harvest Thistle

Polished nickel faucet
Polished nickel faucets will be popular in Kitchen Design 2024

Another way to add more metals into the kitchen is with a brass rail on a floating shelf. It’s a small detail that looks really elevated. 

Trend 10 – Display what you love!

Adding character into the kitchen can be tricky! One way is to have open shelving for your favourite items like plates, cutting boards, or cook books. You can also display your spices in the kitchen with a spice cabinet display. I love the added detail of the brass rail! It really makes this corner pop.

DIY this beautiful spice cabinet. Image Source: Erin Zubot Design

Kitchen trends are always changing. I encourage you to think long term about how your home functions. Never add any of these elements if you don’t love them just because interior designers say they are popular. Take a few of these kitchen ideas and add them into your space to make it feel like a new kitchen! 

Green Kitchen for 2023 trends

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