Anthropologie light fixture dupe

Everyone loves a good Anthropologie light fixture dupe. Anthopologie has a unique style but is way out my budget.

I have slowly been swapping out all the light fixtures in my builder grade home. Lighting has the ability to make your home go from basic to WOW! We’ve almost changed them all. I have 4 boob lights to go!! It’s much easier to change a light fixture than you think. Most fixtures even come with the instructions. 

I saw this gorgeous fixture for $798. That is way out of my budget, but I know I could make a dupe of this anthro light fixture for around $70.


LevelTimeCost of materials
Beginner3 hours$70

What you need for this Anthro light fixture dupe:

  • A pendant cord kit (Hemma kit from IKEA)
  • White spray paint
  • 12” embroidery hoop (from Michaels)
  • 9” embroidery hoop (from Michaels)
  • String
  • Light bulb
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Mitre saw
  • P220 sand paper
  • Half dowels. I needed 5 pieces that were 8ft long

Note: You can do with larger hoops depending on the size of your space

Let’s get building your Anthro Light Fixture Dupe

1. Cut all your dowels. I eye balled the shortest piece of dowel and then marked my dowels and progressively made them longer. I followed the pattern and cut as the pattern developed. I had 44 dowels on the 10” hoop and 55 dowles on the 12” hoop

2. Number your pieces. It will help you in case you lose track (or for me, I brought them into my home)

3. Sand the edges with p220 grit lightly

4. Separate the inner and outer embroidery hoops. I only used the inner hoops because they don’t have the metal tightening bit

5. Use hot glue and start glueing the dowels around the hoop. You can use a spacer like a nickel, but I eyeballed it.

6. Spray paint them your desired colour. I used white chalk spray paint

7. Attach your pendant cord to the larger hoop. There are several ways to do this. I found it easiest to use string. You can also use chain or wire

8. Remove your old light fixture and hand your new fixture

9. Attach the smaller 10” hoop using string to the 12” hoop. I looped the string through a gap in the dowels between each hoop and made sure it was level. 


I love this little light fixture. I hung it in the kids bathroom and love how it’s a little bit fun and funky!

I’d love to see you try this project. If you do, share it with me on instagram

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