Lighting that makes the room pop!

I have slowly been changing out all the lights in our builder grade home. I love how the office space is coming along but that boob light just stuck out like a sore thumb.

What to look for in lighting

  • Longevity – yes everyone wants to be on trend, but I always look for a light that will stand the test of time. Lights are expensive and difficult to replace!
  • Color – I always go with a neutral – black, gold, or silver. You can easily change the room as long as you pick a neutral
  • Height – depending on the ceiling height and other elements, you can decide if you need a drop down pendant, a semi flush etc. In this space, we have 9ft ceiling but this awkward bulk head, so I dropped this down 18inches from the ceiling
  • Size – pick the size based on the scale of the room. A large room usually needs a large fixture. However, you can also add drama to a small space with a large fixture like I did in this case!
  • Cost – this is a factor in every design. I always pick one item to splurge on in the room. Everything else was very inexpensive in this space. In this room, it would have been the lighting. Note: Kichler has generously gifted this Pim 5 bulb light fixture!

I like that the fixture came with additional rods to adjust the length. It was nothing out of the ordinary to install, but if you have doubts, always contact an electrician.

before with our boring builder grade light
After with our new light!

What do you think! I think it adds a unique and beautiful flair!

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