Girls Bathroom design

My nieces NEED a girls bathroom design. A TOTAL GUT JOB. My brother lives in an older townhome with his pregnant wife and 2 daughters. They are a growing family with a baby on the way. Participating in the Jeffrey Court renovation challenge is so exciting for me. I’m going to be renovating my two nieces bathroom. This is a bathroom with beige everything- beige tiles, beige walls. It definitely needs updating. As a mom of boys I’m so excited to work on a girly space. But this space is much more meaningful to me than just updating a bathroom. 

My motivation for the girls bathroom design

My brother is a healthcare worker. He works with patients who have COVID. It’s hard for me to put into words how our life has been since March 2020. My brother and I have always been very close. We have travelled around the globe together and we even live just 15 minutes away from each other. Our children were almost the same age (by coincidence and a blessing!)

So while he has been helping our community, we have been isolated from him. Anyone who has a family member in healthcare can understand how difficult it is. Now they are expecting their third daughter. There is nothing more that I would like to do than to thank him for his service and commitment to keeping us healthy during COVID. 

We will be renovating this bathroom for my 3 nieces. This is a total gut job and I’m so excited. We are going to be ripping out the bathtub installing new tiles a new vanity and I even have heated flooring for the girls. Heated flooring is going to be so important in our cold Canadian winters. 

Here’s some before pictures: 

Bathroom redesign
We need to gut this bathroom
Must replace beige tiles
Bathroom remodel
Redesign a bathroom

For our proposed mood board, we will be installing mostly white tiles and then a beautiful green vanity. Will have some fun with the space with an accent wallpaper and the finishing touches. I’m sure somethings will change but this will give us a good idea of where we are heading. 

Moodboard for a girls bathroom design

We are using these mosiac floor tiles to add interest to the floor, a classic hexagon on the wall and an oversized grey tile in the shower to make it easy to clean

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