Whimsical Woodland Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

When I found out I was expecting this third miracle child, I was shocked. I thought our family was complete. It is true blessing to be able to design this baby girl nursery after having 2 boys conceived through IVF. My IVF journey resulted in 2 miracle boys. Now our family is complete.

There are so many great baby girl nursery themes. I wanted this nursery to be magical but since Sabrina was a surprise, and the cost of housing in GTA is INSANE (I am talking about $2M for a modest 2 car garage home), I decided to turn my walk-in master closet into a nursery.

Woodlands Baby girl nursery with white beaded chandelier

My vision for the Baby Girl Nursery

All 3 of my kids have slept in my closet. I find it so much more convenient than walking down the hall as a zombie in the middle of the night for every night feed and waking. I keep the door open while baby is sleeping and have a fan on rotate. I have never decorated the space but thought that I should for our last child. Who knows how long she will live in there. We had no plans to move before we found out she was born. But that’s a story for another day…

Note: This is a large closet (6x7ft with a 9 ft ceiling). Please be safe. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends room sharing for the first 6-12 months. I always leave the door open and keep a fan for air ventilation.

Closet turned into Baby girl nursery

I started off with a blank space. I removed the wire hangers. I then patched the holes.

Before of the Woodlands Baby girl nursery

Whimsical Forest Wallpaper

The show stopper of this space is the Oh, Deer! Wallpaper. I opted for peel and stick wallpaper because someday I will convert this back into a closet. I love the soft feminine tones of this wall paper. The pinks, purples, greens, blues and taupes make it perfect color scheme for a little girl nursery, without being too feminine. I knew I didn’t want a pink nursery. It also allows you to have so many colours that you can use as accent tones for the furniture, lighting, and bedding.

I have done many spaces with peel and stick wallpaper including a little girls bathroom with floral wallpaper, home office with an eclectic leopard print, and laundry room with a classic green wallpaper. Wallpaper is a great beginner level project. Before wallpapering, read my wallpaper tips

Woodlands Baby girl nursery

The Bead board and Shaker Peg Rail

Since I removed all the closet wire racks, I needed a storage solution. I have a peg shelf in my kitchen and I love how it’s practical and functional. I knew I wanted to use bigger pegs to hold more hangers. I used 5.5″ pegs. I built this DIY shaker peg rail in a couple of hours. The pegs hold her fancy outfits like dresses that I wanted to display as functional decor. Girls clothes are SO cute and can totally double as decor. I am keeping majority of Sabrina’s daily clothes in the master bathroom vanity, as it has 4 stacked drawers.

Beadboard in a girls nursery

Under the Shaker Peg rail is MDF bead board. DIY Bead board is really easy to work with. I had the hardware store cut it down for me. I really love the visual interest this adds while being very simple. I painted it SW Touch of Sand. It’s more of a taupe but in this small dimly lit space, the pink undertones shine through. I really love how the colour looks in this space!

Hanging clothes as decor in a girls nursery
bead board in a girls nursery

Headband Station IKEA Hack

As a mom of 2 boys who NEVER thought she would have a daughter, I dreamed about my daughter’s hair while I was pregnant. I guess we will see if she has my curly hair, but for now, I love getting her dressed every morning and putting a bow on her head! These bows are from Shein, Carters and were gifted. I used the IKEA HULTRAP kitchen rail and hooks to hang her bows. It’s such a simple way to use the rail in a different way. I love IKEA hacks!

Head band station in a baby girl nursery
Bow station in a girls nursery

DIY Floral Dresser for shoes

I love SO Many parts of the nursery, but the DIY Dresser has to be one of my faves. I created this from a $8 dresser I found at value village. I think what makes it so unique are the resin flowers that I made. It houses all of Sabrina’s shoes. Who knew a little baby who can’t even walk needs so many shoes, right?

DIY resin flower Dresser Woodlands Baby girl nursery

DIY floral bookshelves

I made these simple DIY bookshelves using scrap wood in my garage. I used the sample design as the IKEA kids bookshelves. I added my own touch by hot gluing faux flowers along the front of it. I made sure to screw them into a stud and use anchors in case my boys want to read Sabrina a night time story and they pull it down. It’s also high enough that Sabrina will not be able to reach it.

Flower bookshelf in Woodlands Baby girl nursery
Beadboard and shaker peg rail in Woodlands Baby girl nursery

Beaded lighting

I debated for a long time between this white beaded chandelier and a gold candelabra. I chose this in the end because the crisp white really pops well with the crib. I used soft white lighting in this baby girl nursery.

Woodlands Baby girl nursery in a closet
magical baby girl nursery

Final touches

I really wanted Sabrina’s nursery to feel magical. I used fairy lights that I got from Dollarama at Christmas time. They are great because they are battery operated, so I don’t even need a light source. I can use them as night lights as well!

I also used star and circle garlands I got from the Target Party decor section. I have used these at so many birthday parties. They are so versatile.

rug in a baby girl nursery

The rug was an absolute steal. I was scrolling and found this Denim Loloi rug for only $30! I highly suggest watching the price on this one.

I love this space. It is bittersweet to close this off, but I am so glad I created this space. Every child is so special and a space like this is magical for them! Follow me on instagram for more DIY projects!

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