The Latest in Timeless Kitchen Designs for 2024

We all want our kitchens to be the heart of the home, right? Well, that’s where a timeless kitchen design comes into play – a place that’s not just trendy today, but also for years to come. When renovating a kitchen you’re going to be spending a lot of money. Naturally you want to create a timeless kitchen that is not going to look dated in 5 or 10 years. 

In this interior design guide, I’m sharing the latest in kitchen design Do’s and Don’ts to create a kitchen that’s as appealing today as it will be tomorrow. 

Do’s for a Timeless Kitchen Design

1- Select Neutral Color Cabinets 

Timeless Kitchen Design

Source: Image Source: MyWestCoast.Life

When it comes to kitchen cabinet colors, neutral colors are your secret weapon. Think calming whites, inviting creams, rich wood tones, and even daring blacks or greens. Since a kitchen is made up of primarily cabinets, the color will make the biggest impact in your space. 

There are so many beige and taupe colors to choose from. I’ve put together a guide on the latest in kitchen cabinet colors.

The best colors for a timeless kitchen are:

  • Taupe – Indian River by Benjamin Moore
  • White – Pure White By Sherwin Williams. This color is a neutral white without any undertones
  • Green – Pewter Green By Sherwin Williams. This green is earthy and warm with a modern touch
  • Black – Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams. This cool black pairs well with wood and whites

Credit: Studio McGee

2- Go With Clean Lines on Kitchen Cabinetry

Timeless Kitchen Design Studio McGee

Image Credit: Cove Kitchen by Studio McGee

Here’s a few kitchen cabinet ideas: if you’re more interested in a modern look, then go for a flat panel cabinet door. If you have a more transitional design go for a shaker style door without any additional detailing. Avoid any cabinets with round detailing.  Don’t be afraid of mixing shaker doors with flat panel drawers

The lastest kitchen cabinet style is to install cabinets up to the ceiling. Cutting the cabinets short or leaving a gap between the ceiling and cabinet tops makes the room look shorter. Adding a row of cabinets up to the ceiling make the room look taller.

3- Centre your Kitchen Around a Large Island

Timeless Kitchen Design large island

Credit: Studio McGee Cove Remodel

In a kitchen remodel, building a large island that the family can gather around is beautiful and functional. Make sure to include enough space for 3-4 bar stools. Build an island that spans across the kitchen. Having a 6-8 ft island adds extra workspace to prep meals and also becomes the ultimate hangout spot.

The latest kitchen trends for an island include a sink in the island. When looking straight on to the kitchen, the stove is directly behind the sink, with symmetrical cabinets on either side.

4- Square or Rectangle Tiles are Most Timeless 

Timeless Kitchen Design tiles

Source: Studio McGee

Select a neutral shape tile shape. While mosaics and hexagons can be appealing, a square or rectangle tile for your floors is going to withstand a test of time. Subway tiles backsplashes are always safe and neutral choice.

New kitchen trends for tiles include a zellige tile. This type of tile looks like its handmade since the edges are not perfectly straight. This makes the kitchen look more high end since custom products are hand made.

5- Keep Similar Colors for Grout and Tiles

Timeless Kitchen Design tiles 2

Source: Studio McGee Historic Remodel 

This is one of the small details that makes a big impact. Opt for a neutral colored tile with a low contrast grout. White tiles paired with black grout are trendy, but take it from me. I installed a white hexagon tile in my kitchen with a black grout, and after four years, I think it looks quite dated. Go for grout that’s in harmony with your tiles 

6- Add Color With a Rug

Timeless Kitchen Design rug

Source: Studio McGee

A timeless kitchen avoids loud colors. However, if you are looking to add color or texture to your kitchen, think about adding a runner. A runner serves multipurpose of providing padding in the kitchen when you’re standing for a long time, cooking or washing dishes, and also will add warm and visual interest within the kitchen.

7- Use a Neutral Shape and Color Knobs on Kitchen Cabinets

Source: Studio McGee

Knobs and handles are your cabinet’s jewelry! Stick to classic shapes like round or rectangular. The best colors are polished silver, antique brass and matte black. 

8- Wood Flooring in the Kitchen

Timeless Kitchen Design with wood floor

You aren’t restricted to just tiles in the kitchen. Hardwood flooring, laminate floor, and luxury vinyl has come a long way in being waterproof and durable. Adding a wood floor adds warmth to any kitchen. Opt for a mid tone wood without red or orange tones.

9- Integrated Kitchen Appliances

kitchen and dining area
Photo by Mark on

Hide your appliances within cabinets for a seamless look. Use a counter depth fridge that is panel ready. Choose a panel ready dishwasher too. Making your kitchen appliances built-in makes the kitchen look more high end and timeless. 

10 – Make your ceiling a focal point

Adding wood beams or ceiling shiplap or coffered ceiling in a kitchen creates a timeless elegance. It’s such a great way to add character to a kitchen in a neutral way.

Timeless Kitchen Design green cabinets

Source: Studio McGee

11 -Reduce Clutter on Kitchen Countertops 

white marble style kitchen island
Photo by Rosana Solis on

One of the easiest ways to make your kitchen timeless is to reduce the clutter on your counters. Hide your small appliances like a toaster, coffee maker, and blender in an appliance cabinet. 

Don’ts for a Timeless Kitchen

1- Avoid 2-tone Cabinets 

Timeless Kitchen Design with large window

If you’re looking for a timeless kitchen, avoid two-tone cabinets where the uppers and lower cabinets are different. While two-toned cabinets are tempting, try not to fall for it. They are a kitchen trend, and I suspect they will make a kitchen look dated within five years. Opt for a kitchen that has cabinets that are all the same color tone with the uppers and lowers. If you’re really keen on adding another color to your kitchen, try a wood grain on the kitchen island instead of another color tone.

2- Avoid Heavily Patterned Tiles 

photo of kitchen with white and grey cabinets
Photo by Terry Magallanes on

It’s tempting to have some type of fun pattern or color in the kitchen but a tile backsplash or floor is very hard to replace. If you end up not liking backsplash tiles after a few years, it requires ripping out drywall and re-drywalling before adding new tile. Similar to the floors you also would have to do quite a bit of demolition to remove all tiles. So, choose wisely and go for timeless elegance over passing trends. White, grey or beige tiles are a timeless choice for kitchens.

3- Avoid Glossy Cabinet Doors

Timeless Kitchen Design subway tiles

White and grey high gloss cabinets have been popular for modern style homes. However, avoid a high gloss as that can look futuristic and look very dated as well. If you’re painting your existing cabinets, pick an eggshell or satin finish paint.

4 – Avoid Heavily Veined Countertop or Backsplash 

Timeless Kitchen Design marble backsplash

Image Credit: Cove Kitchen by Studio McGee

Currently heavy veining and marbling is really trendy in countertops and backsplash. However, this kind of look will look dated because of the high contrast color and bold veining pattern. Opt for a more subtle marbling, which will look more transitional like above

Now you’ve got the scoop on creating a kitchen that’s your timeless masterpiece. Think of it like crafting a recipe that blends style and function seamlessly. By keeping these kitchen design ideas in mind, your kitchen will be the heart of your home for years to come, inviting guests and making memories. So go ahead, use this guide as your recipe for a kitchen that’s fresh, stylish and totally you.

Timeless Kitchen Design marble counter

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