Laundry Room Reveal

I can’t even believe I made it to this point. After so many visits to my parents house from 9 PM to 12 AM I am done. 6 weeks of one room challenge!!

I can start going to sleep early… Just kidding 

I actually have a lot of mixed emotions about being done. I’ll miss driving over to my parents house, seeing them so often, working alongside them, and surprising them with all my design choices. 

I’ve added in some before pictures for fun and horror!! Haha

There are so many elements that are so beautiful in their space. I think the biggest one is these cabinets from Cutler kitchen and bath. I chose these white shaker style cabinets to hide all of my dad laundry supplies.

 I also thought it was really important to add a clothes rod because my dad hang dries some of his clothes.

We made a big impact in this laundry room with this wallpaper from Spoonflower. I used a peel and stick because it was easy and fast to apply

And don’t forget to hide that ugly plumbing. You can use any piece of artwork to hide that

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