How to style your bedroom pillows

Can you ever have enough bed pillows? I hear husband’s everywhere groaning. It’s one of those visuals that make you want to jump into a cozy bed and put the finishing touch on the bedroom. 

In the midst of designing a beautiful bedroom, don’t lose sight of upcycling what you have around you AND mix in new pieces. I sewed pillow covers for older cushions using Spoonflower’s new Belgian Linen™ line. Plus, I added in a new lumbar pillow. This post is sponsored by Spoonflower. Opinions are all my own.

Picking the right colour and pattern

In this case, I knew my room was going to have shades of blue. So I went with a soft watercolour pattern. This appealed to me with the variation in blue tones. I also picked a neutral lumbar pillow in burnt orange. Both pillows have pattern. 

Color tip: Pick one neutral colour pillow

Pattern tip: Pick one smaller and busier pattern. Offset with a large or more sparse pattern.

Pillow size

Square pillows come in many sizes. You can also upcycle old pillows. I used large 23inch pillows that are square. In addition, I used a lumbar pillow. And I’ll be the first to admit that jumping into a bed of pillows is amazingly fun.. But sleeping with all of them, is not!

Size tip: Use a mix of sizes for pillows

Bedroom linens

I like using neutral linens (pillow cases, sheets, blanket) so that the throw cushions pop, and can be changed out easily. 

Since this Belgian Linen is stronger than cotton and naturally hypoallergenic, you know we are going to have many MANY pillow fights (not fights about the pillows!)

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