ORC WEEK 1- Child ridden master bedroom

I’m terrified to show the world my master bedroom. See it wasn’t that bad until Baby Shaun started cosleeping. We got rid of my old frame, moved it into the guest bedroom. I bought a new queen-size mattress and placed it on the floor so he wouldn’t roll off the bed. This is a common dilemma for mothers.

He is now moved into a crib, but the bed has remained like this for months. There’s no character in the room. No accent wall, no colour and just messy. There’s even know like tables so he wouldn’t bang his head on the sharp corner.

This room needs so much work. So follow along for the next eight weeks as I try to transform this and get my space back with the One Room Challenge. My biggest challenge will be purchasing furniture when I cannot go to a show room to shop!

Week 2 – mood board

Week 3 – select furniture

Week 4 – paint wall / accent wall

Week 5 – get furniture delivered?

Week 6 – assemble bed or dresser

Week 7 – styling

Week 8 – BIG REVEAL!! ta da!!!

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