2023 Neutral Christmas Decor Inspiration

The Holidays are such a magical time of the year! Christmas decorating is so much fun, with twinkling lights, evergreen garlands, and whimsical touches. In the last few years, neutral Christmas decor has become popular. Read on to find the best ways to decorate your home with neutral colors, natural greenery, and cozy textures.

What is Neutral Christmas Decor?

Neutral Christmas Tree16
Source: Studio McGee

Traditional Christmas decor are loud red and green, with flashing twinkling lights, silver tinsel. However, a neutral Christmas palette is subtle and natural. It evokes a feeling of calm. While there is still use of color, it will be used as an accent color instead of the focal color. 

What are Neutral Holiday Colors?

Neutral Christmas decor consists of wood tones, whites, deep green, golds, silver, black and subtle pops of red and maroon.  You’ll also find a lot of use of texture like fur, burlap, twine and wood. 

How to Design a Neutral Christmas Palette

When thinking of decorating for Christmas this year, think of all the areas in your home that you’d like to decorate this year. Pick 2-3 to be the focal of your home – usually it’s a Christmas tree, and Fireplace mantle. 

Then, pick 2-3 colors to use as your accent colors. Use this guide to build layers of warmth and coziness for your neutral Christmas decorations!

Christmas Trees with Magical Lighting

Neutral Christmas Tree14
Source: Studio McGee

The quintessential Christmas decor is the family Christmas tree. Colored Christmas tree lights are dated. Today, most trees come with white lights that are pre-strung, or attached pre-lit which is when the tips of the pine needles have lights

If you don’t have a tree with pre-strung lights, get white lights. Opt for smaller bulbs of fairy lights. Wrap these in 2 layers – once close to the stem of the tree, and also on the branches. Make the tree look like there are lights all over it. 

Large White Flocked Christmas Trees

Neutral Christmas Tree15

If you love waking up on Christmas morning to the sight of a white Christmas, snow sprinkled everywhere, get a flocked white tree. These look natural and can be dressed up with neutral ornaments.

Use Neutral Colored Ornaments as Your Base

Neutral Christmas Tree13
Source: Studio McGee

In keeping with the neutral Christmas color scheme, opt for most of your ornaments to be a combination of gold, white, black and silver. They can be matte, glossy or glittery – or a combination of all 3! 

If you’ve been collecting bright coloured ornaments for years, you can simply spray paint your old ornaments and use them!

Cluster Ornaments for Pops of Colors

Neutral Christmas Tree in bedroom

Clustering muted color ornaments (blush, mint, sky blue, etc) if a beautiful way to add color to your Neutral Christmas decor. Play around with a more minimal tree vs one loaded with ornaments.

Don’t Forget to Add Memorable Christmas Ornaments

Neutral Christmas Tree12
Source: Studio McGee

Just because you’re going for a neutral Christmas theme, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for your beloved ornaments. This is your tree that your family will love! Pull out the family favorites too!

Add a Christmas Tree Collar to Hide the Ugly Base

Neutral Christmas Tree1
Source: DIY Tree Collar by OurBarnesYard

Hide the unsightly base of your Christmas tree. You can use a tree skirt, but in recent tree Christmas tree collars have become trendy. They can be made of wood or dowels too.

Add a Garland to your Christmas Mantle

Neutral Christmas Fireplace decor2

Dressing up your fireplace mantle is an easy way to make the fireplace the focal of a living room. It’s the perfect spot for the family to cozy up. Grab a lush oversized garland, and drape it across the mantle. 

Faux garlands are a great option as they do not shed pine needles, which can also be a fire hazard near a hot fireplace. Use command hooks that can be easily peeled off after the holidays without damaging your fireplace 

You can create an asymmetrical look by draping it longer on one side of the fireplace

If you like a more traditional look, keep the garland centred. You can design your fireplace to be more minimal if it’s paired next to a Christmas tree which has main character enegry.

Add Gold and Wood to your Mantle 

Neutral Christmas Fireplace decor
Source: Fireplace Styling by OurBarnesYard

After adding a lush green garland, add layers to the fireplace mantle with wood bead garland, bells, and lights. You can even DIY a wood garland using wooden beads. It’s a fun activity to get the family involved in holiday decor

Don’t forget to dress up the mantle with brass candlestick holders

Cozy Textures for Christmas Stockings

Neutral Christmas Fireplace1
Source: Studio McGee

To complete your fireplace, add cozy textured stockings. Fur, burlap and cable knit are popular textures for stockings. 

A stocking hanger add a whimsical touch and function as it prevents stocking from sliding off the mantle when goodies are added to the stockings. Use a stocking hanger with deers, nutcrackers. 

Simple Styling for Your Coffee Table

Since your family guests will gather around in the living room, add fun and festive coffee table styling. A simple way to add decor is with a long wooden bowl, piled with your Christmas ornaments. Add a few faux or real twigs of evergreen to complete the look.

Don’t Forget Your Doorways

Expanding your holiday decor beyond your living has recently become a trend. Hanging a simple juniper garland with a bow, or wood garland is a popular option. It looks simple and elegant without looking over the top

Pick Neutrals for your Christmas Dinner

Neutral Christmas Dinner table4
Photo by Todd Trapani on Pexels.com

No holiday dinner is complete without a beautifully decorated table. Buy neutral plates and serving dishes in whites, creams, and taupe. This is a great base that will help you create a timeless Christmas tablescape

Dress the table up with a long table runner that runs across the table. Using a neutral will enable you to make the centrepiece a statement!

Minimal Tablescape Decor

Neutral Christmas Dinner table3
Source: Dinner Table Styling by OurBarnesYard

If you don’t want to crowd your table, opt for a simple gardland with wood beads running through it. Then add a few candle sticks and voila! You’ve created the perfect minimal Christmas table

Invite Conversation at Christmas Dinner with Hanging Decor

Neutral Christmas Dinner table2
Source: Table Styling by OldHouse_NewBeginnings

Instead of crowding the table with a large centre piece, hang Christmas decor from your lighting or ceiling. It’s easier than you think! You can install hooks into your ceiling to suspend this decor piece. Then, add layers of garland and a few ornaments.

Create the perfect Christmas Centrepiece

Neutral Christmas Dinner table1
Source: Long Christmas Table Styling by OldHouse_NewBeginnings

Add elegance and charm with a Christmas centrepiece. If you have a long table, use a long wide wooden vase. You can simply add ornaments for a minimal look. If you’re going for a more elegant look, add faux florals.

Be mindful of the height of the centrepiece. Although tall centre pieces look beautiful, they can restrict conversation around the table 

Add Sparkle to your Christmas Dinner with Cutlery

Neutral Christmas dinner

Who says your cutlery can’t be part of decorating your holiday table? In recent years, brass cutlery has made a huge comeback. Both polish gold and brushed gold add a beautiful sparkle to your table. 

Personalize your Holiday Table

elegant table set up for christmas
Photo by Nicole Michalou on Pexels.com

 Ground each setting with a brushed gold charger plate or place mat. 

Add pops of color and the festive spirit with napkin holders, napkins, and place cards. Use pine cones, cinnamon sticks, and juniper branches to create a personalized table

Add Touches of Christmas to your Kitchen

Neutral Christmas Kitchen
Source: Studio McGee

The holidays are all about good company and good food. That means you and your guests will likely spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Add holiday decor like gingerbread houses, a wreath of juniper bunches to your kitchen.

Decorate your Staircase Banister

Neutral Christmas banister
Source: Studio McGee

Since your staircase banister already has wood tones, thinking of hanging a garland to bring Christmas cheer to this overlooked area. Hang a garland with twinkle lights and wood garland. 

Add an Indoor Wreath 

Neutral Christmas wreath
Source: Studio McGee

You might typically think a wreath is only meant for your front door, but that trend is changing. Add a wreath over a pantry door or kitchen hood, or even a window! 

To hang a wreath on a hood or window, use a command hook. 

I love hanging a wreath on an indoor door. It’s the perfect way to being warmth and to welcome your family and guests. 

Bring Christmas Vibes into Your Bedroom

Neutral Christmas bedroom

Consider adding a second Christmas tree for a vibe in your bedroom. You can dress it up, or keep it simple. But the best part is that you can decorate it exactly as you like, since it’s in your room!

Create Magic in Overlooked Areas

Neutral Christmas entryway
Source: Studio Mcgee

Look at areas of your home you can dress up like the entryway, reading nooks, or your bathroom. This is your home for the holidays. Maybe you have an awkward corner that you’ve never loved. Can you add festive cheer?

Create a Home you Love for the Holidays!

Neutral Chirstmas Living room

Using these tips, you can create a beautiful home for the holidays! Make it warm and inviting with these neutral Christmas decor ideas. You can opt for more minimal designs, or go big with Holiday decor. And remember, it’s not just about wood, golds and whites. Use color as an accent to make your home decor pop! 

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