Bangle Holder DIY Project

I love to accessorize with earrings, necklaces and bangles. I was so used to keeping all my bangles in a box, but I wanted an easier way to display them. As I was designing my IKEA PAX wardrobe, I thought of a Bangle holder DIY. I had a pull out tray I wanted to dedicate to these bangles.

I did a lot of research for PAX wardrobe designs, but even more important is how to store all my clothing, shoes and accessories!

This bangle holder can also be used for bracelets, watches, ribbons, and more. Although I’ve done it in a pull out tray, it can be made to fit inside a regular sized drawer as well. I also love that it is an easy beginner budget project. It can be done in 1 day, for under $20!

Bangle Holder for drawers

What I love about this project is that it is totally customizable. You can use only the back half of the drawer for the bangle holder if you only have a few. Or you can adjust the size for smaller bangles. It’s also easily removable. So if you’re going to pass on the furniture to someone else in the future, they can remove the bangle holder and use the drawer for their own purpose.

Side view of my Bangle Holder DIY

Materials to for the Bangle Holder DIY

Power tools


  • 1x4s. You can use Pine or Primed MDF. I used scraps of primed MDF
  • 1/2″ dowels
  • Gorilla 2 sided tape
  • Paint brushes. This is my favourite rubber handled brush
  • Paint. I used a white paint, color matched to the interior drawers
  • Drop cloth
  • Clamps

Let’s Build a Bangle Holder

  1. Measure the inside of your drawer. You need the inside depth and width. Also take notice of whether there is space for the dowels to overhang like mine does. If the drawer is extremely tight fitting when it closes, there may not be space. If there is space, try to overhang the dowel at least 3/4″ on each side (see the image below)
Bangle Holder DIY

2. Mark and cut your dowels

Cut dowels for Bangle Holder DIY

3. Cut your 1×4 pieces to the inside depth of your drawer. Use one of your bracelets to measure the distance between the dowels. My distance is 6″

4. Use the 1/2″ drill bit to make a hole near the top of the 1×4.

Drilling my Bangle Holder DIY

5. Now use a jigsaw to notch out the dowels. Once you’ve done a few, double check that your dowel can slide in and out easily

How to cut my Bangle Holder DIY

6. Place the completed bangle side over the other 1×4 and trace out your marks. Repeat step 4 & 5.

7. Sand the edges with p200 until it’s smooth

8. Give your side pieces and dowels 2 coats of paint. I considered skipping it, but it looks so much better painted. It looks much more finished and custom.

Paint my Bangle Holder DIY

9. Before attaching it to the drawer, place the dowels and sides inside the drawer to test it out. Make sure it can slide in and out. If not, make any adjustments to the wood.

Dry fit my bangle holder DIY

10. To attach the sides, I used double sided gorilla tape. I love this because it holds SUPER strong, but if you heat it up with a blowdryer, the tape can pry loose. In the event that you want to switch this back to a regular drawer, it’s useful to be able to remove these, with no damage. You can also screw them to the side, but I opted not to, as it would leave screw holes if I changed it in future.

I used double sided tape on the bottom and outside edges of the holders

Use double sided tape to stick my Bangle Holder DIY

11. For extra adhesion, I used clamps for 20min

Clamp by Bangle Holder DIY

12. Load up your bangles! It is such a great wooden bangle organizer. Best part is that is costs under $20 and an afternoon to make!

Bangle organizer for drawers DIY
Bangle Holder DIY

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