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DIY picture frame wainscoting accent wall

DIY picture frame wainscoting accent wall

Hana’s Happy Home

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  1. Sameera Iqbal

    This looks incredible Hana! I’m a newbie diy’er so I’m
    Not ready for power tools yet
    Instead of the jigsaw I’m going to use one of these plastic bow mitre saw- like this

    What do you recommend for Pin nailer?

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      I’ve never done this, but You can use a hammer and nails but you might be able to see the nail head. The pin nailer ensures the head sits below the trim surface. You can try it out and see how it works. You may also be able to rent a nailer if cost is an issue.

    2. Hana’s Happy Home

      That’s a great budget option! How did it go?

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  3. Christine

    Such talent! Incredible workmanship! 🤩

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      Aw thank you!! It was no easy task!

  4. Dimple

    Just one question – in your calculations you mentioned say: width of the inside of the box – (2 x spacers) – C – D
    41- (3×1.5) -5 -5 = 28″ long (but where does the 3 come from if your spacers are 1.5″ ?). Is that just a typo? Also trying to get my mind around the thickness of the trim.

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      I’m so sorry! You’re right. It’s supposed to be 2. I’ve updated the post.
      For the trim, you can measure the width of the trim.

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