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$30 DIY modern barn door

$30 DIY modern barn door

Hana’s Happy Home

Went from DIY dreamer to DIY Do-er | Personalizing our cookie cutter new build | Minimalist | Humble mama | Yogafit and Les Mills Body Pump certified

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  1. Meyer Clark Studio

    I will show this to my husband.

  2. Natalija

    This looks amazing! I will make an effort to do it

  3. Trina

    Can you give more detail about accounting for the door trim and how that is done on the edges? I’d love to try this!

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      I have a whole highlights on my Instagram that will help answer this question

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  7. Jan

    Looks great- I can see some gaps around the handle side of the door where it closes, is it hard to get even?

    1. Hana’s Happy Home

      Nope. Because the trim is cutout around the handle, it’s fine

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