Moving into a new house checklist

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We moved into our first home 4 years ago. I was not equipped with a moving into a new house checklist. Does this sound familiar? My husband and I had learned a few things from our parents, but we were pretty much on our own. After I realized the horror below my dryer lint trap, I realized there must be many tasks I simply do not know about. I asked my Instagram audience to share the tasks a homeowner should do on a regular basis. I got hundreds of responses. They did not disappoint. So here is a downloadable checklist for you to complete.

Moving into a new house checkist

What’s on the moving into a new house checklist?

Moving into a new home checklist
Preview of home maintenance checklist

The checklist has four different maintenance areas: Kitchen, Fire Safety, Appliances, Others. You can print off this checklist and put it on your fridge. That way you can keep track of all the tasks that you have to complete.

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Please note that you should conduct the due diligence when conducting these tasks. Always hire a professional if you feel uncomfortable or that it may not be safe for you to perform the task.

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