DIY Fall Wreath 2023

An easy way to decorate your porch is to swap out your wreath every season. I have a wreath on my door for every season. This year I decided to make my own fall wreath. It’s a fun and easy DIY in which you can showcase your creative flair.

This fall, I decided to step away from the traditional oranges and reds that you see on a pumpkin wreath or leaf wreath and embrace a more modern color palette for my front door wreath. I chose mauves and purple tones.

DIY Fall Wreath

In this DIY Wreath Tutorial, I’ll walk you through the process of creating a contemporary fall wreath that features a palette of purples and pinks. Get ready to make a bold statement that adds a touch of elegance to your seasonal decorations!

Materials You’ll Need for this DIY Project:

Step 1 – Choosing Your Florals for your Fall Wreath

To begin, head to your craft store, or dollar store. I handpicked florals in varying shades of purples and pinks. For an appealing autumn wreath, it’s essential to have a mix of florals with different sizes that are within the same color tone. Michaels, Walmart and Dollar Tree have a great selection of inexpensive craft florals and leaves.

Start by selecting the larger florals that have a substantial flower head – this will be your focal point. Complement it with smaller florals that match its color and shape. Opt for softer greens like eucalyptus leaves, which adds a gentle touch. And for a hint of fall, include a few miniature pumpkins. Don’t forget some longer stems that can serve as the wreath’s base.

You can also use acorns, pinecones, and burlap for this crafty DIY fall wreath

For the wreath form, I used a simple thin gold hoop. If you’re adding thicker materials like pinecones and burlap, get a mesh wire wreath form.

Step 2: Prepare the Florals

Using wire cutters, snip the florals from their stems or bunches. Whenever possible, aim to retain longer stems, as these will be used to secure the florals to the wreath hoop.

DIY Fall Wreath florals

Step 3: Lay Out Your Design for a Simple Fall Wreath

Before you start gluing, experiment with the placement of your florals. Decide whether you want your wreath hung centered or off-center. I prefer a centered look for a classic feel, but if you’re aiming for a non-traditional and modern appearance, the off-center option is a great choice. Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, take a picture to reference during the gluing process.

Modern DIY Fall Wreath

Step 3: Attaching the Stems to the Metal Hoop

Starting from the base layer, work your way up as you attach the florals. Grab the florals that will be on the bottom. Begin by wrapping the stems around the hoop as much as possible. Using hot glue, affix the stems to the hoop, making sure they are securely attached. The hot glue acts as a seal to secure the stem to the hoop. This step is crucial for ensuring your florals stay in place. Apply a generous layer of glue to firmly seal them (probably more glue than you would think!)

How to make a DIY Fall Wreath

Continue to build the layers up. Fill in any gaps to create a lush and visually appealing wreath.

Floral DIY Fall Wreath

Hide the stems with more florals on top. The process is not only creative but also quite enjoyable!

If you’re wondering if hot glue will hold up in the winter, it does! I have made several wreaths over many years and they always hold up to the 4 seasons (even snow!)

Enjoy your completed Fall Wreath!

Once your door decoration is complete, hang it on your front door using a wreath hanger that complements the color family of your hoop. It’s a great way to invite guests into your home.

DIY Fall Wreath 2023
DIY Fall Wreath pink

But don’t limit its display to the exterior – these wreaths can be used as home decor. Hang them on interior doors, backsplashes, and even above the stove hood. You can use a removable hook to hang the wreath for autumn.

Now, you have a stunning fall wreath that captures the essence of the season in a fresh and contemporary way. So, embrace your creativity, hang up your creation, and enjoy the beauty of fall with your personalized touch!

modern DIY Fall Wreath

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