How to tile a bathroom wall

WE ARE FINALLY TILING!! This is super exciting as we have a week to go and still SO MUCH progress to go. I also installed the vanity light. And Neal finished all the plumbing in tub and installed the clement underlay. We are finally rolling!

Asma and I started tiling. Even though I vouched for the musslebound adhesive mat, Neal didn’t want to use it because 

  1. He had leftover mortar from a previous project that he wanted to use up
  2. He’s never used musslebound and did not trust it. Well, I have and LOVE IT. We had quite the debate over who was right. In the end, I just agreed with him since it’s his home and he’s my older brother. 
  3. Premixed adhesive is cheaper than musslebound. In my opinion, we are so close to the end that I wanted to anything it took to meet the deadline quicker.

Tiling is a 3 step process:

  1. Apply the mortar and smooth it out
  2. Use the notch end of the trowel on a 45 degree angle to make the grooves
  1. Stick your tile on and adjust it so it’s level. I actually checked every tile mat to make sure it was level on the bottom and side. This ensure that as you continue to keep a straight line, or the lines start to sag down

Considerations for tiling:

  1. We installed the light fixture while tiling. I marked out where the light fixture would go and tiled around it. I will need to make some small cuts to fill in the small gaps
  2. Vanity mirror. We also cut out a few tiles where the anchor of the mirror hang. This is much easier than tiling and using a diamond drill bit and praying you go into a stud. 
  3. We will wait to tile around the vanity, baseboard and tub. Installing those first is better than trying to rip out tiles that were placed in the wrong spot 

Tiling is 80% complete! SO MUCH LEFT TO DO FOR NEXT WEEK! It’s def going to be a sprint!

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