Remove your builder grade mirror

Ever since we moved into our new house I have hated our builder grade mirrors. But 2 things have prevented me from changing them

    I am terrified that the mirror will break while removing it
    I’m scared of what might be behind the mirror. Will I rip up the drywall?


Time to get over these fears

What you need

  1. Shims
  2. Strong leather gloves, goggles and boots
  3. Painters tape or duct tape
  4. Hammer
  5.  crowbar
  6. Screwdrivers
  7.  chisel
  8. A blanket
  9. All your courage


let’s get building

  1. Safety first. Make sure you have leather gloves, goggles, and you’re wearing boots or shoes in case the mirror breaks.
  2. Place the blanket across the vanity. If your mirror breaks it will be a lot easier to clean up if all the pieces fall into the blanket
  3. Tape your mirror at all different angles. The tighter you tape it the less chance of it breaking
  4. Start to insert the shims all around the mirror
  5. If your mirror has clips like mine, you can pop them off using a flat head screwdriver or chisel. Simply push the top clips up,and the bottom clips down. If they are stubborn, use a hammer at the end of the screwdriver to add some pressure
  6. Use some muscles to wiggle the mirror loose.
  7. If your mirror is the same size, no patching is required. Patch the wall if needed
  1. On your new mirror frame, apply painters tape across the brackets. Make a mark where the brackets are
  2.  place it on the wall where the mirror will go. Make sure it is centred by measuring the distance on each side of the hole and level
  3. Drill your holes. Use anchors if there’s no stud. leave the screws out of the wall about a quarter inch. You can hang your brackets on them
  4. hang your mirror and enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror every day

Such a simple two hour project that can make such a big difference. If you’re interested in how to create the accent wall check out my blog post

And be sure to tag me on Instagram at @Hanashappyhome if you try my projects

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