10 Baby Girl Themes for Nursery

There are so many baby girl themes for nursery to choose from. I’ve rounded up all these themes that I loved as I planned my baby’s nursery.

Now that I have Baby Sabrina, I am so excited to start designing her room. For at least the first 6 months, Sabrina will be sleeping in my room. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies under 1 sleep in their parents room to reduce the risk of SIDS. As a mother of 3, I find this is the best to also get the most sleep possible. This way, you don’t have to trek across the house to baby’s room for every night feed and waking! That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in designing a great nursery that baby can play and explore in! Here are some great baby girl themes, along with the one I chose.

There are so many baby girl themes for nursery! How to chose one?

My parents certainly didn’t have a theme. Most of us grew up with rooms with random colours/ characters/ etc. A theme is a good way to bring the space together. Think about the color scheme, wood tones, fabrics, and wall decor. These will bring a vibe or feeling into the space. Do you want it to be playful, exciting, blod, relaxing? Making a mood board is also a great way to see if the room will flow well.

Woodland baby girl themed nursery

Include: natural wood, forest animals, whites, woodland wallpaper

The woodland theme started out for boys, with bears, wolves and pine trees. But there is a softer side to woodland with deers, bunnies, and owls. I am designing a woodland theme nursery for Sabrina. I think this is the only time I can use this theme, as the others below she could grow into.

The whimsical woodland nursery theme really comes to life with the beam and show stopping light fixture in this space. It’s softened with the textured rug.

baby girl woodland theme nursery with white crib and white glider
baby girl woodland theme nursery with white crib and white glider

Here’s my mood board for Sabrina’s closet nursery! I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

baby girl nursery woodland theme

Modern Wall Painted Rainbow Mural

You can also choose a more modern take on a rainbow like this re-invented rainbow mural I painted. The best part is that you don’t need any power tools. It’s very budget friendly and can be completed in a few hours.

Rainbow wall mural
Rainbow wall painting in Baby girl themes nursery

Pretty in Pink Romantic Floral nursery

Include: flowers, floral wall decals, soft accent tones

This is a more traditional floral nursery with pink and white floral wallpaper and white accents. The soft white brings out a feminine vibe. Heighten the glam in this space with a gold accents like picture frames, a primrose gold mirror and the curtain rod.

pink flower wallpaper in Baby girl themes nursery
Pink floral in Baby girl themes nursery

Vintage Inspired Neutral Nursery

This nursery is such a unique space. If you’re a talented thrifter then you could put together a beautiful vintage inspired nursery. The anchor point for this nursery is the overscale mural and the deep vintage rug.

vintage inspired nursery with vintage rug and wall mural
vintage inspired nursery with vintage rug and wall mural

Boho Rainbow Girl Nursery

Here’s another option if you’re a DIYer! This modern boho rainbow is one that can transition from nursery to little girl room. There’s added dimension with the round dowel trim.

boho rainbow room for girls nursery with printed blanket
boho rainbow room for girls nursery

Moody Floral Nursery

If the pink nursery is too sweet, try a moody dramatic floral nursery. The colour palette can include pink, black and dark greens.

Moody floral nursery for baby girl with black flower wallpaper and gold sputnik lighting

Boho Wildflower Nursery

Recently, there has been a rise in boho wildflower nurseries. This one includes wildflowers vs traditional roses and peonies. It has a playful vibe with lots of different colours. With all the bright colours, pair natural textures like rattan, wicker and white tones wood.

Wildflower boho themed girls nursery
Wildflower boho girls nursery

Neutral Boho nursery

Include: light toned wood, eucalyptus, plants, white/light walls, rattan, white linens

This beautiful boho nursery includes all the elements with the muted colours, wood tones, rattan and jute rug. I especially love the corner reading nook!

soft boho Baby girl themes nursery
boho Baby girl themes nursery

Coastal Boho Nursery

This coastal boho nursery is bright and airy. It reminds me of a chill day at the beach. You could even include family or pregnancy photos that would fit perfectly with this theme

Coastal Baby girl themes nursery

Rainbow Arch Mural nursery

Inlcude: a rainbow wall mural, colours of the rainbow, white accents to let the rainbow pop

Look no further than nature for a rainbow nursery room. A rainbow room comes to life with a rainbow wall mural.

You can choose a traditional rainbow in an arch in a watercolor palette for a more serene and calming vibe. This watercolour rainbow arch is the star of this space, with wood and white to compliment it.

watercolor rainbow arch wall painted mural for baby girls nursery with a white crib

These 10 baby girl themes for nursery are all trending right now. Moreover, you can transition the space into a toddler and little girl room too.

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