How to paint a color block wall

I’m so excited to share the reveal of the garden guest room! It’s fun, whimsical and a little eccentric!

I love the impact of the color block wall. Not only is it fast, it’s inexpensive too! You can transform a room in a couple hours.

What you need

How to paint a color block wall

1. Start by prepping your walls. Often the most boring part but it’s essential to get a great finish on the wall.

  • Fill and nail holes with wall filler and sand it down.
  • Clean your baseboards with a baby wipe. If there’s dust and it gets on your brush or roller, it will cause clumping
  • If the room is dusty, wipe down the walls with a swiffer sheet

2. Tape off the border

  • Decide how tall you want the border to be based on: ceiling height and height of the furniture. In this case, I had 8ft ceilings and a headboard that was 52” tall. I wanted the border to end slightly below so I went for 46” tall
  • Use a level and mark off 2 lines with a pencil. The easiest way to do this is to the use the thickness of the level and mark the bottom and top of the level. Mark a VERY faint line
  • Tape just slightly outside of those lines so they will be covered up when you paint. I mean like, 2mm close to the line , if you can get close enough hahaha

3. Tape off any other trim, windows or doorway. Or if your confident, jump right in and start cutting in with a good quality angled brush. I like this one because it had a rubber grip and I could paint for hours without cramping

4. Start painting. Roll the big sections and use a brush on the trim section and close to the trim and door. You’ll likely need 2 coats. It was my first time using the SICO paint line from Lowe’s. I was really impressed with its coverage. 2 coats and it gave a beautiful finish. I used Green Envy in an emerald finish

5. Peel the tape off while it’s still wet. This will minimize any paint peeling off with the tape.

6. You’ll have to do touch ups. It’s inevitable… much as I wish we could be perfect painters! So make sure to have some of the extra wall colour (white) on hand and a small craft brush. Go in and do those touch ups.

Set up your space!! Voila! Isn’t that an impactful space? Great use of a few hours!

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