How to make DIY Pokemon party favors

For my 8-year-old son’s birthday this year, I pulled off a super fun Pokemon party, which featured tons of Pokemon games, a cool balloon arch, and even a DIY Pikachu pinata! It was spectacular. At the end of the party, the kids even got to take home these DIY Pokemon party favors that look exactly like Pokeballs! See the full party highlights here.

These DIY Pokeball party favors were fantastic for a Pokemon-themed party, and so simple to make. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own Pokeball party favors.

Materials you’ll need for your DIY Pokemon party favors

Step 1. Find globe shaped containers

For this to look like a Pokeball, you really need to find a globe-shaped container, preferably with a red half and a white half. We found ours at Party City. They are candy containers, but work great for this project. There are actually different colored options, so my kids also grabbed a few blue ones to make Great Balls (apparently, this is a kind of super Pokeball. What do I know – I’m just here for the party).

The perfect container for our Pokeball party favors

If you’re not able to find any like this, I would suggest finding similar ones that are all red and all white, so that you can swap tops and make your own Pokeball party favors. Or, if you had just white or clear ones, you might be able to paint them in the colors of your choice.

Step 2. Add electrical tape as the middle band

Since electrical tape is already black, it’s the perfect option to make that band in the middle of the Pokeball. Place a strip of electrical tape on the red half, as close to the edge as you can.

Step 3. Create the centre of the Pokeball:

To finish off the look of the Pokeball, it just needs that black and white circle in the middle. You can use a Cricut machine to do this if you want, but I just traced the circles with a pencil and cut them with scissors. 

Tracing the circles for the front of the Pokeball

Cut out a black construction paper circle that’s roughly 3 inches in diameter. 

Cut out the circles

*Depending on the size of your Pokeball you might need to cut the circle smaller or bigger. Use your judgement here.

Next, cut a smaller circle out of white construction paper.

Use glue dots or any adhesive of your choice to attach the white circle onto the center of the black circle. This will create the button at the front of the Pokeball.

Glue the white circle onto the black circle

Step 4. Attach the circle to the Pokeball

Apply hot glue to the back of the black and white paper circle and press it onto the Pokeball, right on the electrical tape.

Use hot glue to secure the circles onto the Pokeball
Super simple DIY Pokemon party favors that look exactly like Pokeballs

Once everything is dry and stays securely in place, you’re ready to put the Pokeball together and put some goodies inside!

Step 5. Fill the containers with Pokemon party favors

Fill each candy container with fun party favors, like Pokemon cookies, candies or chocolates, and obviously tons of Pokemon cards. Be creative and add other small Pokemon-themed treats or toys if desired.

Your Pokeball party favors are now ready to be distributed to your party guests. Place them on a table or in a designated party favor area where everyone can see. Just like this Pikachu pinata, it also adds to your Pokemon-themed décor!

These homemade Pokeball party favors will add a delightful touch to your Pokemon birthday party and are sure to be a hit with your guests.

Check out this video for great DIY Pokemon birthday party ideas!

Take a loo at how I put together my son’s Pokemon birthday party!

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