Cheap and easy Ramadan advent calendars and what to fill inside

With Ramadan right around the corner, a lot of us are trying to think about how we can keep the kids engaged and teach them about Islam! I rounded up some inexpensive and easy DIY advent calendars


I made this one using just a few things including envelopes and a branch. I gifted this to my nieces and they loved it. Full details on this one here

I created this one because I love those xmas villages but didn’t see any that reflected masjids. So I made one! It’s available as a downloadable template on my Etsy page and can be put anywhere, especially if you have a fireplace mantle.


The Ramadan calendar provides free printable resources to help your kids connect with the Qur’an. The Ayah-A-Day Calendar (Ages 6+) uses the rich visual imagery from the Qur’an to show children that the Qur’an speaks of familiar things they would understand and recognize. The My Arabic Alphabet series uses high contrast, bright colours to engage young children and get them excited to learn the arabic alphabet. Check it out

Ramadan Calendars can be a dual edge sword. On one hand they allow young kids to engage, on the other hand it sends parents down the Pinterest rabbit hole to try and find materials and resources to complete tasks.

The printable inserts were designed to avoid all that by providing not only the inserts but also a resource pack that includes all the templates you will need! The calendar inserts come in two age ranges – toddlers and school ages to help parents further customize the inserts to fit the needs of their family!


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