Free Eid Mubarak Printables and Cards for Kids

If you’re here, chances are you’re gearing up to get ready for Eid with your loved ones! Eid was always such a special time growing up. My mom would make keema, naans and my dad would wake us up at the crack of dawn for Eid prayer. I would grumpily ask him if I could sleep in, just this one time. I got the day off from school, so wasn’t I entitled to sleeping in? Nope – my dad loved to attend the first and earliest Eid prayer. After that, he would hand me my Eid gift. It was cash. He didn’t put it into a cute Eid money envelope. If you’re looking for Eid gift ideas, I have rounded up a bunch of ideas for my kids, and also Eid presents that I’ve given to neighbours and family friends.

If you’re looking for Eid party ideas, I hosted this really cute Eid party with my kids. The Eid decor was simple yet impactful. We did some cute Eid Mubarak crafts too! You can check out the details here

I also made this cute Masjid inspired Eid Mubarak banner. It’s available for free on my printables page

I created these printables with my kids (age 4 and 7). I hope that you can include them in an Eid basket for your kids or nieces. If you’re a teacher, they are also a great resource to help celebrate with your students. If you have any questions about Eid, let me know in the comments. I’m happy to answer them! You can download them here or as a pack from the printables page

Eid Gift Tags

This is the first year we are making Eid goody bags for my kids classmates. We kept it really simple with individually sealed items, stickers, pencils and a little tag. I hope the kids take these home and show their parents and they can talk about inclusivity!

Eid Mubarak cards

My kids love coloring Eid cards for their grandparents, friends and family. Here’s some cute cards we made. Make sure to fold them and write your own message! I know the spacing looks off, but they are folded cards. So that’s why there’s a gap at the top.

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