DIY floral shadow box

I was gifted this beautiful rose gold wood word “Salaam” by Also Sophia. It’s from the Perfectly Imperfect line. She told me that it had a few marks and asked for my help to DIY it.

She is selling many words like: Ramadan, Eid, Mubarak, Salaam at a discount because of the slight damage. You can save an additional 10% by using my code HANA10. This also gives me a small commission

The mark ups didn’t bother me, but I wanted to see if I could easily cover them up, so one quick way was to paint the front in black to give it a black and gold finish. I just used 3 coats of kids craft paint

But I wanted to try something bigger and give it more OOMP. I saw ideas of wedding flowers in a shadow box and used those as a jumping point

What you need

  • Shadow box (I used 18×24 inch)
  • assortment of florals in same colour family and lots of greens
  • Wire cutters

Let’s get crafting

  1. Place all the wood word in the middle of frame, then place large flowers first on the mat
  2. Start to add the medium flowers to fill the gaps
  3. Add all the small flowers with greens
  4. Lift the word and place greens under the word. I chose to NOT place flowers under the word as it makes it hard to read
  5. Trim all the long stems that are sticking out beyond your mat
  6. Carefully lift your mat and place it on something you can get under. I used a bench
  7. Place the shadow box on top and tuck all the greens into the box
  8. Secure the box with the clips on the bottom by lying down on the floor. It’s not glamorous but it’s the easiest way!
  9. Ta DA! Enjoy

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