Eid Party Ideas

Eid Party Ideas

Eid is such an exciting occasion for Muslim families! Eid Mubarak! I hosted this Eid Party and it was huge hit for my kids. It’s really about spending times together. We had this party just for our family, but you can also host it as a kids only party. I loved hosting this Eid Party for my kids and hope this gives you Eid party ideas for your family too!

Eid Party Ideas with Eid decor

Eid celebration decor ideas

Although this looks really beautiful, it’s really minimal. This washi tape masjid design is a permanent fixture in our home. I have a tutorial on how to make this simple islamic decor. You can even put it up for Ramadan or Eid and then take it down after the holidays pass.

You can use simple birthday party decor. Pick a color scheme and get some balloons. Adding moon and star balloons are a great way to make the decor look more festive.

If I was hosting a larger party, I would get party supplies and make a balloon garland. It’s easy to make but adds a dramatic effect!

Eid Party Ideas with Eid decor

I used this gold Eid Mubarak banner. If you love a pop of color, I have a free printable Eid Mubarak banner you can print at home!

I like using the kids table and chairs when we have kids parties. It’s a nice personalized touch that really conveys to the kids that this party is FOR THEM! I used these colorful plates from the dollar store. A nice personalized touch is these Eid money envelops.

Eid Party money envelop

You can keep it simple with easy snacks. I used chocolate covered strawberries, milk in glass jars, cookies, muffins, and chips.

Eid party kids table

I love these gold cake toppers. I put them in the muffins and they look really festive. I collected them at the end and cleaned them to re-use them for next Eid, since they are made of durable plastic.

Eid Party Ideas with cake toppers

Eid Activities and Crafts

No kids party is complete without arts and crafts. We painted this Eid Mubarak wooden sign with the kids. My kids were so proud of their art work! I stored these and will pull them out for Ramadan and Eid decor in following years.

Eid Party Activities

Here’s a few more Eid activities that we have participated with our friends and family:

  • Give each child $5 to buy a gift for YOU (mom and dad) from the dollar store
  • Musical chairs with islamic music
  • Making Eid cards with supplies from the dollar store
  • Coloring Eid printables

From the bottom of my heart, I hope you have a blessed Ramadan, and a wonderful Eid. Lots of love and prayers – Hana

Eid Party Ideas with Eid decor

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