Ramadan decor DIY

Ramadan DIY decor

I am going to make Ramadan fun with 5 Ramadan decor DIY ideas. This year is a totally different Ramadan. Many of us will be spending it within our homes, instead of work, school and the masjid.

So I’ve rounded up a bunch of my favourite easy DIY‘s by my friends. These are so simple that you should be able to do many of them with your kids while on quarantine. And you’ll need just a few simple things from around the house

This washi tape masjid wall is one of my favourite and easy decorations. It is completely removable and can be done in under one hour.

Areeba from Mint Candy Designs made this cute Ramadan garland with her daughter. She used salt dough and cookie cutters to bake these. Then they painted them and string them together. Check out her full tutorial

I also have this printable Ramadan Advent Calendar available on my Esty page. All you have to do is download, print and assemble this. And you can display it anywhere you want.

Sara from Girl Refurbished made this simple DIY bead garland. You can use it as Decour all you around. I love how versatile and easy this is to make

I I know with the quarantine we are all stuck inside the house this year. But I still love this mat as something that you should enjoy for your Ramadan.

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