How to make a Ramadan Advent Calendar

How to make a Ramadan Advent Calendar

Take these adorable masjid envelopes and learn how to make a Ramadan advent calendar.. all for under $10! I decided to make one myself because it’s inexpensive and easy. Plus it’s something I plan on using for at least a few years, so why not personalize it?!

How to make a Ramadan advent calendar
make this inexpensive ramadan advent calendar

What you need for this Ramadan Advent Calendar

  1. Masjid envelopes (tutorial here)
  2. Regular envelopes
  3. Sharpie
  4. Ribbon
  5. Mini clothes pins
  6. Glue gun and glue sticks
  7. Branch (go on an adventure with tour kids to find one)

How to make a Ramadan Advent Calendar

  1. Lay out all your envelopes in order that you want to hang them
  2. Start numbering them. I chose to use 3 colours to represent the 10 day blocks in Ramadan (hint: there are lots of number calligraphy tutorials on Pinterest!)
    How to make a Ramadan Advent Calendar
    Lay out the masjid envelopes and label them
  3. Cut 3 pieces of ribbon that are 10 inches longer than your rows
  4. Make a dot with a sharpies on the ribbon where each clothes pin will be placed
  5. Hot glue a mini clothes pin on each dot
    Crafting a ramadan calendar
    Glue clothes pins on ribbon
  6. Tie the ribbon to the stick
  7. Add the envelopes, starting at the bottom and work your way up
  8. Tie a ribbon to the top to hang your calendar
  9. Fill the envelopes with tattoos and stickers and of course good deeds!

Update: My nieces asked for this so I passed it on to them. 2 years later it’s been part of their Ramadan traditions!

Check out my Printable Ramadan advent calendar and my Ramadan banner. Follow along on instagram for more Ramadan kids activities!

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