DIY minimal hoop wreath (Ramadan theme colours)

I believe that creating a welcoming home starts before you even step into the home. I love porch decor. Since spring is right around the corner, it’s time to say good bye to the drab winter and hello to pretty florals. (Note: I love florals even more NOW because I have 2 boys. Must be that thing about wanting what you can’t have!). I created this wreath using mostly flowers from dollarama. I got the hoop and baby breath from Michaels on thier 40% spring sale.

Total cost: $11.25

For reference, Homesense and Michael’s both sell wreaths upwards of $40!!

What you need

  1. Wire cutter
  2. Assortment of flowers (hint: think of different shades in the same family and be sure to collect buds, and full blooms for a more natural look)
  3. Foliage and filler (I used baby’s breath and leaves)
  4. A hoop
  5. Hot glue gun and sticks

Let’s get crafting

  1. Cut all the flowers and leaves off the stems with your wire cutter so you are left with individual flowers. Leave plenty of of the stem for wrapping around. It’s easy to cut later if needed
  2. Start arranging the flowers and foliage around the wreath with flowers facing OUTWARDS (towards you). Once you are happy, take a picture of your arrangement
  3. Now to secure to your wreath: wrap the wire stem around the wreath tightly then hot glue into place.
  4. Start with the flowers to create the “frame” Use your picture as a guide
  5. Fill in your wreath with the leaves and filler
  6. Once you are done, flip your wreath over and place a thick line of glue on the backside of the hoop. This will add security to your wreath which is needed, especially if the wreath will go outdoor
  7. Add twine and place a small dab of hot glue to secure to use as a hanger
  8. Now go hang this beauty and enjoy the compliments

Final thoughts

This $11.25 wreath is so beautiful. I love that I was able to custom pick my flowers and colours. For me, I wanted it to be in Ramadan spirit. Plus it was so much fun to pick out the flowers! It took about 1 hour to complete, so that’s a great use of my time to save upwards of $40. Try it out and be sure to tag me @hanashappyhome

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