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30 Meal Planning Ideas

We all get stuck with what to cook for dinner. Didn’t someone say once that adulthood is realizing you have to cook everyday for the rest of your life? Eek! That’s a lot of meals! I have been in a rut lately. I feel so uninspired to cook. Most days, we are eating just to …

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Take any ugly vase and make it look like custom pottery

I bought this $10 vase off marketplace. Loved the shape but it lacked anything dimensional – colour and texture. What you need some old ugly vase with a great shape Baking soda Wall paint Paint brush Makeover time! Mix a bunch of baking soda with paint Start painting. Add more baking soda to make it …

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ORC Week 1- laundry room renovation plan

This week I am planning my laundry room renovation. They have ugly open shelves and NO design. How many loads of laundry have your parents done for you? I did some quick math and mine have done over 1400 loads of laundry for me! WHAATT? I think it is time to repay them by giving …

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Build a DIY Market Stand

Kids Grocery Stores are perfect for age 2-6! Mikaeel loves doing groceries. I’m not sure why, since he doesn’t love to eat! haha But since COVID, he hasn’t been able to participate in this favourite activity. Back when I was making the dollhouse for my nieces, I told him I would make him something. Then …

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Make a DIY Desktop from scrap plywood

I had a perfectly good piece of plywood in my garage for about two months. It was 8 feet long and 30 inches wide. I knew this would be perfect for my desk table top What you need to make the desktop circular saw or table saw (I have a Ryobi circular saw) scrap plywood …

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Why does my wood splinter when I cut it with my saw?

To your horror, every cut you make has a splintered edge!!!!! A question as old as time. You bring home a beautiful piece of wood, get cracking on your project. Why does this happen? You’re cutting the wood AGAINST the grain. Especially in soft woods like pine, its important to cut along the direction of …

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Designing the Kids Bathroom

When designing the kids bathroom, I knew there were a few things to tackle Colour and design – if you’re scared to use colour or print, start a small space like a closet, bathroom or laundry room. Since this space is for kids, I want something fun that can grow with them Woodwork – I …

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Remove your builder grade mirror

Ever since we moved into our new house I have hated our builder grade mirrors. But 2 things have prevented me from changing them I am terrified that the mirror will break while removing it I’m scared of what might be behind the mirror. Will I rip up the drywall? [wordads] Time to get over …

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DIY minimal hoop wreath (Ramadan theme colours)

I believe that creating a welcoming home starts before you even step into the home. I love porch decor. Since spring is right around the corner, it’s time to say good bye to the drab winter and hello to pretty florals. (Note: I love florals even more NOW because I have 2 boys. Must be …

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Boys room mood board

The existing space My two sons will have to share a room and as baby Pom Pom (newborn) is rapidly outgrowing his bassinet, we’ll need the convertible crib. This means we will set up the boys room sooner than we anticipated! I will miss the space that I created. That triangle banner was created during …

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