Small Laundry room organization tips

As I was making over my brother and sister-in-laws small laundry room, I needed to make their laundry room function for them. Their laundry room is 5×5 with majority of the space taken by the laundry machines. They are a family of 5 with 3 young daughters. Here’s some ways to make any laundry room more functional

Head over to my reveal blog post to learn how we created this gorgeous space in around $300!

Retractable clothes line

In the past, my bro would set up a foldable drying rack in their master bedroom. But I found an even cooler solution. This retractable clothes line mounts on to the wall. Then, you attach the other end somewhere else in the room. The coolest part is that you can attach it diagonally. It doesn’t have to be directly across from it. This is so useful in a small laundry room! Get it HERE

Canadian link | American Link

Over the door ironing board

My SIL already had this over the door ironing board. I was shocked at how cool it is. It’s hung over the door. When you need it, retract the board down. When you’re done, just fold it up and away. Get it HERE

Canadian link | American link

Broom and Mop command hooks

For a super simple broom and mop organizer, grab these Command hooks. I have been using them in our home for 2 years. They have not fallen off the wall. We stuck these behind the door so that you don’t have see them when you look into the laundry room. It’s a cleaner look. Get this broom holder HERE

Canadian Link | American link

For a larger laundry, you can opt for a more structured broom holder if you have the wall real estate!

Hanging vaccuum

Having a small wall hanging vacuum is a great solution. We have had a dyson for several years and love it.


Having cabinets in a laundry increase the useful space, especially if the laundry machines are side by side. I wish their builder had mounted these a little lower so they would be easily accessible. That’s one lesson you can learn from this laundry space!


Of course, you can use baskets to hide any unsightly items like towels, cleaning supplies or sponges.

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