30 Meal Planning Ideas

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We all get stuck with what to cook for dinner. Didn’t someone say once that adulthood is realizing you have to cook everyday for the rest of your life? Eek! That’s a lot of meals! I have been in a rut lately. I feel so uninspired to cook. Most days, we are eating just to fill our bellies.

But I remember as a kid my mom would make dinner THE meal of the day. It was nutritious, but also there was a main, and a side. While I can’t cook like that everyday, it was special. I want to make dinner time special for my family too!

vegetable salad
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Click the button below to get meal ideas for an entire month! There’s so many great ideas. I’ve divided the ideas into 4 categories:

  • Middle Eastern/ South Asian Cuisine
  • Family Friendly Meals
  • Vegetarian Meals (we all need to save on the cost of meat in this economy)
  • Around the World

Enjoy these meals! I would love to know if you try them!

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