9 Trending Home and Bedroom Door Color Ideas by Sherwin-Williams

Bedroom Interior Door color ideas

Trending home and bedroom door colors fall into 3 categories: the best blacks, bold and fun colors, or timeless neutral doors. Painted interior doors are an overlooked design element. Considering how many doors are in a home, don’t forget how much character you can add to your home by painting interior doors. I have gradually been updating the doors in my home. This includes the paint, design, door hardware and hinges. Below you will find a collection of my favorite interior door paint colors by Sherwin-Williams, as well as feature doors I’ve built in my home on a budget. 

Here’s the trending home and bedroom door colors palette:


How to pick the perfect home and bedroom door color

To pick the perfect door color, think about the style of your home. What is the vibe you want to go for? If you’re into bold and whimsical colors, your interior door colors should also reflect that. If you’ve shied away from color, go for a timeless classic.

Also, take a look at the key pieces of home decor like couches, kitchen cabinets, etc. These are investment pieces you likely won’t be changing soon, so pick a door color that complements those. 

The great news is that paint is easy and inexpensive to change! So if you don’t like the color, you can easily change it. Read on below to find my favorite door hues.

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What kind of paint should I use on my home and bedroom door?

It might be tempting to grab the paint you used for your walls, but doors require a different type of paint. Doors are exposed to a lot more wear and tear than walls. Consider how often your teenagers slam the door, or you bang into the door with a laundry basket! My favorite type of paint is Sherwin-Williams Emerald® Urethane Trim Enamel paint. It’s meant for doors, furniture and cabinets. These are all high traffic areas where you don’t want the paint to chip off. I prefer the satin finish so it’s not too shiny, but has a smooth sheen. I also find that this paint finish minimizes paint brush strokes. Check out my door painting guide if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to paint your interior door without brush marks.

My Favorite Door Paint Colors

A dark and dramatic door

This door caught my eye because of its stunning design. It’s part of the mudroom design, not an afterthought. This door is painted Caviar SW 6990. By extending the top trim to the ceiling and adding dark crown molding, the door becomes a design statement. Not only that, but the designer carries gold through the light fixture, the door knob and bottom door panel. The mudroom cubbies are also painted the same color, so you can see how the the door is really tied into the space!

Sherwin-Williams Black Cavair door in a mudroom

Caviar SW 6990. Source

A peachy sweet front door

This front door is so sweet and inviting. Who says a door can’t be fun!? Lisa painted this door Quaint Peche SW 6330 in her entryway. A peachy door like this isn’t too feminine either. It doesn’t have a strong pink undertone which makes it easier for partners to agree on, if you’re looking for an untraditional door color. You can also leave the door frame the wall color if you’re nervous about trying out a new color. 

The modern gold door knob also enhances the design of the door. It balances out the sweetness of the door with modern clean lines of the handle. 


Quaint Peche SW 6330. Source

Blue Doors Invite French Country Charm

This mudroom/laundry room reminds me of french country charm with the vintage gold light fixture, textured rug and these blue doors. By keeping the walls neutral, the doors in Faded Flaxflower SW 9146 becomes the focal point of this room. The bloggers, the Harper House, add unity to the space by painting the upper laundry cabinets the same color. This sun-filled laundry room makes me smile! 

They used matte black handles on the door to incorporate the darker appliances. Also note that the handles don’t have to match. They’ve selected 2 different handles based on the usage of the doors. 

blue doors in mudroom

Faded Flaxflower SW 9146. Source

Elevating an accent wall by painting the door

A year after I created this stunning DIY board and batten accent wall, I knew I had to paint the door. The white door stuck out like a sore thumb. It needed to be part of the design. So I extended Pewter Green SW 6208 from the board and batten to the door. I painted the door trim and baseboards too. This makes you feel like you’re engulfed in this cozy hallway as you pass through. 

Painting the door, board and batten and trim is a trend that you will see become increasingly popular. 

pewter green door in hallway with board and batten

Pewter Green SW 6208. Source

A Warm Door Color in a Neutral Space

Matching the door and the shiplap ties together this entryway by Joelle. The neutral entryway door in Accessible Beige SW 7036 lets the rug and accessories pop in this space. If you’re feeling nervous about straying too far away from white, this is a great color to test out. It has soft and creamy undertones.  

Accessible Beige SW 7036 is one of the most versatile colors in the Sherwin-Williams palette. If you’re struggling with picking a paint color, pick this one. It pairs with so many color families and looks beautiful in the day, and the evening light as well! 

Accessible Beige front door

Accessible Beige SW 7036. Source

The Perfect Gray Door

Another neutral door option is this bathroom door by Tori in Dorian Gray SW 7017. The modern shape is accented by this timeless gray door. I also love that it flows so well with the color scheme inside the bathroom. It’s important to think of the door with the rooms it attaches to – both on the inside and outside! The door is an extension to the design of the bathroom. 

I frequently get asked if you need to paint the inside of the door the same as the outside, especially for bedrooms and bathrooms. I don’t think it’s a rule that YOU MUST paint them the same color. In fact, in my home, I haven’t painted any of them the same color. I’ve left my doors white on the inside of my room. 

dorian grey sherwin williams bathroom door

Dorian Gray SW 7017. Source

Extending the Door Color to the Ceiling and Trim

An interesting way to tie together the door color into this space is to use it in multiple places. In this room, featured in the Sherwin-Williams blog, Tinted, they’ve used Rosemary SW 6187 on the ceiling, doors, wall trim, window frame and the arch. This is such a playful way to add color to an otherwise neutral space.

Rosemary SW 6187 pairs really beautifully with wood tones. You can see the wood table and beams really help to balance the green in this space. Plus, they’ve added a natural fiber rug with more earthy tones to ground the entire space. 

green trim and green door in a neutral living room

Rosemary SW 6187. Source

A Modern Black Front Door

When I updated my entryway to include this wainscoting board and batten, my front door looked boring. It looked out of place. I painted it Tricorn Black SW 6258 to tie together the traditional elements on the DIY accent wall, and the modern shape of the light fixture. It really makes the space pop. 

I added the color around the door frame and window because I want to draw the eye upwards towards the wall trim and light fixture. There’s a lot to see 15ft up! Adding the dramatic color helps to draw the eye upward

Tricorn Black Door in an entryway board and batten

Tricorn Black SW 6258. Source

Don’t just paint your door, DIY it to a feature door

There are so many options to paint your existing doors. It’s a great quick, beginner-level DIY project. I love paint because it can totally transform a space. But what about adding design elements to the door? I’ve created 2 budget doors that add SO MUCH character. They get so many compliments from all my guests!

Geometric Barn Door

To say I’m obsessed with this door is an understatement. I wanted to add a big hit of character to my basement with an accent wall. However, it’s a small space with no available walls. So instead I added a feature door! I painted it Urbane Bronze SW 7048. This is one of my all time favorite moody colors from Sherwin-Williams. It has character and depth. It’s almost like a black but has bronze undertones which make it rich and inviting. When you look at this space, isn’t this door a show stopper? If you’re a newbie to DIY, I even have a printable door guide with the exact measurements based on your door size.

I love how Urbane Bronze SW 7048 complements the wallpaper in my home office space. It balances out the space!

DIY Black pantry door

Urbane Bronze SW 7048. Source

DIY Chevron Pantry Door Update

My pantry door is one that every guest in my home sees. It lacked any type of character, so I knew I had to change it. I cut strips of MDF and nailed them to my existing door. Check out the tutorial for this door you can DIY for a weekend project. This door is subtle, as it flows in our open space kitchen, living room and dining room. I also painted this door Urbane Bronze SW 7048. To keep a home looking as cohesive as possible, it’s important to keep using the same colors throughout your home. Urbane Bronze SW 7048 is a staple in my home!

DIY interior door

Urbane Bronze SW 7048. Source.

Make your door a feature!

I hope this post gives you ideas on what colors to paint your interior doors. Whether you choose to paint your door light, dark, or make it pop with a DIY design, make sure to prep your doors! Check out my door painting guide so to avoid brush marks when you paint your door. Trust me, once you see the impact of one door, you’ll be painting doors every weekend!

I’d love to see your door! Share it with me on Instagram!

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