A color blocking wall to add fun!

I’m sooo late to the one room challenge. I know. It’s week 6 and I’m getting started. Better late than never right?

I’m going to be making over our desk wall because it’s a sad state. It’s a folding table that is used by everyone especially my husband trying to work full time.

I’m going with a fun and bold accent wall!

What you need

  • Paint of your choice. I used tricorn black and a mix of white and privilege green
  • Roller, craft brush and paint brush
  • Paint tray
  • pencil
  • tuck pin
  • String
  • Level

Let’s get painting – the arch

  1. Mark the width of the arch. Mine was 32 inches wide
  2. Get a string and tie one end to a pencil
  3. Cut the length of your string to be half of the width of your column, plus 1-2 inches. Mine was 17 inches.
  4. Tie the other side to a push pin
  5. Place the push pin on the centre point of the column.
  6. Trace a half circle
  7. To trace the sides of the column, use a level and double check the width at the top and bottom of the column
  8. Use a craft brush, paint brush and roller to paint. Tread carefully with the craft brush on the edges!

Let’s paint the circle

  1. Use the same string and pencil. Insert the push pin where you want the middle of the circle.
  2. Pul the string tight and trace a circle!
  3. Paint as above

Note- any pencil lines can easily be erased!

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