Abstract wall mural

My coat closet desperately needs a makeover. The winter time makes it so frustrating with the kids hats, mitts, snow pants, etc. YOU KNOW!! 

As a first step to this coat closet I decided to paint an awesome mural wall. This is the kids coat closet after all! I scrounged up all my leftover paint, I even borrowed one from my brother. 

I took inspiration from Cloe Thomson on Instagram. She did an amazing floor mural.

I emptied out the entire closet and then started painting

What you need

Leftover paint

  • Leftover paint. I used all sherwin williams including:
    • urbane bronze (dark grey)
    • High five (pale blue)
    • Merigold (yellowish)
    • Spicy hue (deep red)
    • Privilege green (rich soft green)
  • Paintbrushes in multiple sizes, including craft brushes
  • Stirring sticks
  • Pencil
  • Your imagination

Let’s get painting

1. I drew a sketch on paper to give me an idea of the shapes and sizes I’d want in my closet

2. I transferred my design to the closet. I used my design as a guide so I had some freedom in my closet

3. Start painting! My best paint tip is to load up your brush, paint the middle of the shape and then when there isn’t too much paint on your brush – do the edges.

4. Have some fun with it! Stand back to observe how your mural is coming together once in a while

Next up we need to organize this closet!

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