Dollar store hack- storage tower

I’ve been looking for a storage tower but everything seems so expensive. They all have it around $100 price point. I wanted to make something simple and sturdy for my boys. 

I got these baskets from Dollarama for $3 each. You could put anything in it- books, toys, craft supplies. 

What you need

– 4 baskets zip ties

  • 4 baskets
  • Zip ties
  • a drill, a screw bits, and a drillbit
  • Wood cut to your desired height. Mine are 44” x 6”
  • 1 inch dowel
  • 1.5” screws
  • measuring tape
  • level

Let’s get building

1. Cut your wood down to size or have the hardware store cut it for you. I cut my dowels at 11 inches long as my basket was 9.5 inches wide. You can adjust according to the size of your baskets

2. Make a pilot hole in each of the dowels. Try to drill the centre

3. Drill a pilot hole at the top of each board for you to attach your dowel. My first hole is 1.5” from the top and 1.25” from the back of the board

4. Drill the screw into the wood and let it stick out just a tiny bit. Then you can ensure that the middle dowel will hook in and screw it the rest of the way in

5. Attach both dowels

6. Use a zip tie to attach the basket. Cool right!?

7. Now you can decide how much you want these to be angled. Mine are 11” apart. So I drilled pilot holes on the boards 11” apart

8. Attach the dowels and the baskets

9. I wish I had a dowel to use at the front, but I had to use 2.5” screws to hold the baskets up at the front

10. Paint it or stain it!

Check it out! You can use it anywhere for toys, books or mitts and winter accessories

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