The Biggest Interior Design Trends in 2024

Looking for the latest interior design trends in 2024? Here’s how to design your home in 2024.

We all want to design our homes that align with the current trends, but also timeless so we aren’t spending money every year to update our home. The big investments in your home should be timeless and functional. You shouldn’t have to work harder for a design trend.

As a general rule of thumb, anything that is costly or difficult to change within 5 years should be timeless. Let’s jump into the 2024 interior design trends!

Taupe and Beige Cabinets

Taupe and Beige Kitchen cabinet colors are going to be trending for 2024. Opt for a shaker style door, with minimal and clean lines. Mix in gold accents to make a kitchen current

Display Cabinet on the counter with beautifully displayed dishes. Image Source: MyWestCoast.Life

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Mid Toned Wood Floor

Wood flooring is a difficult choice as it’s hard to replace. Once installed, it’s going to live inside a home for many years.

Opt for a mid-tone wood flooring. Avoid grey undertones, as well as orange or brassy tones. Oak and white washed wood floors are going to be popular in 2024

Blue Kitchen with stacked zellige tile. Source: Studio McGee

Zellige Tiles in Kitchens, Bathrooms and Laundry Rooms

Zellige tiles come in squre and rectangle shapes. They are beige tiles with slight color variation. These tiles bring an organic element to a space because they are not perfectly machine cut. The edges are soft.

When installing these tiles, opt for a neutral grout. They bring sophistication into any space

Source: Decor Happy

The Revival of Burgundy and Plum

In the last few years, the trending colors were black and green. We will see a gradual replacement of green and black with burgundy and plum and French country blues.

The deep tones of the burgundy and plums make a space feel rich. Paired with gold accents, it will really elevate a space. The design of the burgundy and plum spaces should be more classic. It won’t pair well in a modern or minimalistic space.

Interior design trends 2023 plum bathroom
Bathroom beadboard wall paired with the bright penny tile.

Blues will be a top Color Trend in 2024

If you’re not into a moody vibe, blues are going to be very popular. You’ll see them on kitchen cabinets, in bedrooms and rugs. These tones of blues bring a soft and fresh environment, especially when paired with white and blacks.

This is the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year Blue Nova 825
Interior design trends 2023 blue cabinets
A soft blue office. Source

Built-ins bring a focal point to room

Built-ins have become popular in the last few years. The built-in trend with continue in 2024. Built-ins are most popular in the living room, framing the fireplace.

Minimal traditional built-ins. Source

However, built-in desks have become very popular. Especially if you are working from home, it feels executive to be working in a gran space versus a dinky desk.

Accent Walls will look dated in 2024

In 2024, we will see less of the single lonely accent wall with 3 white walls. It looks awkward, like the accent wall is out of place.

In 2024, we will be bringing the room together by carrying the design to all 4 walls. So if you love picture frame molding, add it to all the walls in your room

Interior design trends 2023 mudroom
Mudroom with design around the perimeter of the room. Source

Multi-functional Spaces

More and more people are valuing travel and experiences over their home. So people are opting for smaller homes with more function. This kitchen doubles as a dining room with the table attached to the island.

Other ideas of mulit-functional rooms is an mudroom and laundry room, or dining rooms with homework stations.

Recessed Wall Niche

A recessed wall niche is a top trend for 2024. Paired with oak wood shelves, it’s the perfect place to display home decor and family photos.

A recessed wall niche can be a beautiful feature in a living room, or dining room. It can also be an arch or rectangle.

Source: A Cozy Great Room

Black Window Trim and Door Trim for a Modern look

Add black trim on your doors and windows for an updated look. Trim is an overlooked design feature. Adding these elements make your home more intentional and high end.

This is an easy DIY you can do in your existing home to make it more modern.

Adding Visual Interest to your Ceiling

For year, ceilings have been overlooked as a design feature. In 2024, you will find interior designers bringing attention back to the ceiling. You can shiplap your ceiling, make it a coffered ceiling, add beams or simply paint the same color as the walls.

Interior design trends 2023 ceiling
Coffered Ceiling Stained in Wood. Source
Interior design trends 2023 shiplap
If you hate your popcorn ceilings, you can add shiplap. Source

Rounded Furniture

For several years, we’ve seen Mid-Century Modern furniture with it’s minimal clean lines be very popular. In 2024, there will be more rounded furniture. It will be more cozy and plush. It’s the kind of sofa you can curl up for many hours and read a book, or snuggle up with your favourite rom-com.

Interior design trends 2023 boucle furniture
Rounded furniture paired with rounded doorways. Source

Arches Everywhere

Paired with the rounded furniture, there is a revival in arched doorways. Arches add softness to the linear features of modern homes. Arches will be seen in doorways, and as features on a wall. If you love this trend, but don’t want to change your home, you can add an arched cabinet.

Interior design trends 2023 arches
A unique arched wall feature to this bathroom. Source

A Return to Classic Bathroom Features

Instead of a standard vanity, there will be a resurgence of a classic shaped vanity with gold or polished nickel accents. You will also see marble backsplash with faucets connected to the backsplash instead of the countertop. It resembles a bathroom that would be in a French castle.

Interior design trends 2023 bathroom
Mixes metals in this classic style bathroom. Source

Smart Home Technology

This isn’t a design trend per say, but smart home technology will continue to evolve and become more popular – from automatic timer blinds, to sensor lights, and home security.

Feminine Wallpaper

This year we will see more feminine wallpapers with smaller scale patterns like florals, birds and vines. Wallpaper is extremely versatile and can be used in just about any space. It gives a big impact in smaller spaces like a bathroom or laundry room. Peel and stick wallpaper is a great option because wallpaper trends can change.

Interior design trends 2023 wallpaper
Small scale vintage installed wallpaper in this nursery. Source

How much of your home should be on trend vs timeless?

This depends entirely on budget, ease of making the updates and how long you want the trend to be in your home. Some people are early adopters and want to incorporate the trends right away. Other’s like to see if the trend is here to stay before adding it to their home.

There are the biggest interior design trends you’ll see in 2024. If you’re looking for more Kitchen trends for 2024, check out this list of the top Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

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