Must have’s for a kids playroom

With Mikaeel doing online learning for senior kindergarten, I decided it was time to refresh our playroom. Play room refresh was completed in collaboration with Crate and Barrel Canada. All opinions are my own

I’m following the Montessori learning method. This means that everything will be to his size. There’s 3 elements that are really important for his age 

1. A cozy reading spot

I wanted to create an open, cozy reading area that we could hang out on. Reading is going to be one of the key skills for this year so I want a space that’s comfortable and inviting for him to practice. I re-imagined outdoor seating cushions for the floor pillows. Then I added vibrant and fun cushions to add more layers. I added a soft rug so the kids can happily tumble and play on the floor! 

2. Imaginative play

When I volunteered in the kindergarten class I saw so many opportunities for pretend play. This is anytime a child pretends to be a cashier, a parent, someone at a restaurant, etc. We already have a play kitchen. Mikaeel love to pretend play with his figures be it – superheroes, paw patrol, or Peppa. He has been imagining a treehouse ever since we bought the play structure for him. This is perfect as it’s unisex and built SO BEAUTIFULLY. I know this will stay in our family for many generations.

3. Kids size desk area

Many people may overlook the importance of scaled down kids desk area. Yes, they can work on the dining table or an adult size desk. However it’s better if they can feel their feet firmly planted on the ground. These are second head pieces that I put together. I even painted the blue chair

Now that we tackled the Playroom turn classroom I am ready for homeschooling. Just kidding I don’t think I’ll ever be ready 🤪🤪

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