Printable Ramadan Advent Calendar

hanging Ramadan advent calendar

This Ramadan, make this printable Ramadan Advent Calendar. I’m so excited to share this template with you! You can use this as an advent calendar or a little village for kids to play with. It will take a few hours, so make it a fun family craft! 

Ramadan advent calendar with mosques

What benefit is the a Ramadan Advent Calendar?

A Printable Ramadan Advent Calendar is a great way to teach young kids about Ramadan and get them excited about the month. I made this Muslim Village advent calendar for my kids. Inside is a lesson or good deed they have to complete. It can also be filled with small goodies like stickers, tattoos and candies. Everyday, they get to pick one deed or islamic lesson to learn about.

Tips for the Printable Ramadan Advent Calendar:

Ramadan advent calendar

1. Print on cardstock or 100lb paper. You can do them on regular paper but they will assemble a lot better on card stock and last longer.

2. Cut out all the shapes out

3. Score the lines with scissors or a lead pencil (without lead)

4. Use a hot glue gun to assemble

Looking forward to talking DIY with you! If you build it, be sure to tag me on Instagram @hanashappyhome.

Ramadan advent calendar

PLEASE NOTE: Wall hanging is not included. Only the paper template for the boxes is available.

Growing up, I knew the importance of Ramadan, but still craved the fun and excitement I saw my peers had about Christmas and Halloween. I want my kids to learn about Ramadan and its importance in a fun and engaging way. Print it here

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