ORC Week 1- laundry room renovation plan

This week I am planning my laundry room renovation. They have ugly open shelves and NO design.

How many loads of laundry have your parents done for you? I did some quick math and mine have done over 1400 loads of laundry for me! WHAATT? I think it is time to repay them by giving them a beautiful laundry room transformation.

I can’t go back in time to make laundry pleasant for them now, but I can certainly make it better for them now. Here’s my vision.. yep they told me what they want for function and I’m going to make it beautiful

Mood board for laundry room renovation

Laundry room design
Laundry room cabinets

The vibe is going to be “dream and clean”. Here’s what I’m working with

Here’s what to expect every week!

Week 1 – Lay the foundation. Remove the shelves, patch up the walls and paint the walls

Week 2 – Wallpaper

Week 3 – Cabinet install

Week 4 – Pantry install + folding counter

Week 5 – makeover utility sink

Week 6- floating shelves and design elements

Make sure to head over to www.oneroomchallenge.com/orc-blog to see all the unique designs and spaces being transformed!


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