$8 DIY boho wall hanging

Using a few simple tassels, beads, and a piece of wood you could make a custom boho wall hanging.

What you need

  1. 14 tassels (more or less depending on the size of your wall hanging). I’ve created a blog post on how to create them. Click here.
  2. A glue gun and glue sticks
  3. Pair of sharp scissors next
  4. Yarn
  5. A piece of wood or branch (I scored this one for five dollars from Walmart during the Christmas season)
  6. Beads (tip: use the Michael’s coupons)

Let’s get crafty

  1. Take your tassels and try to decide how you’d like to arrange them, and how long you want them to be relative to the woodTake your yarn and cut the length of the hanging strings plus 5 inches of excess. You can always trim them.
  2. Arrange the beads next to the strings. I chose to have some strings with 3 beads, but most of them had 2.
  3. The next step can be tricky based on the thickness of your yarn and the hole size in the beads. You need thread the beads onto the yarn. You can use a crafting needle for this. I didn’t have one so I created one from a paperclip.
  4. Use a small dollop of glue “tie” the tassel to the long yarn and secure your beads over top of that seam. No one will be able to tell!
  5. Slide the tassels on top of the wood branch ensuring that you replicate the pattern you had intended. Cut any excess tassel that seem too long or just a pattern
  6. Tie a piece of super long yarn (2 to 3 times the length of the branch) from one end of the branch to the other. This will be used for your wall hanging.

You’re done! Now go find that perfect spot to hang your boho wall hanging and tag me on Instagram with your boho wall hanging @hanashappyhome

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