A Guide to the Hottest Bathroom Trends of 2024

Step into the future with the hottest bathroom trends for 2024! From sleek and minimalist designs to cutting-edge smart technologies, this year’s trends are set to transform your bathroom interior into a stylish and functional sanctuary. 

If a bathroom remodel is on your wish list for 2024, this guide has all the top trends. There’s lots of ideas that mix in budget ideas for small updates, or drastic changes for a major renovation. Dive into the exciting world of contemporary bathroom aesthetics, offering insights, inspiration, and a glimpse into the bathrooms of tomorrow.

Dark Paint Colors in Bathrooms 

Ryia remodelled her bathroom with this deep burgundy

Interior design trends in 2024 call for darker paint colors in living rooms, and throughout a home. Dark paint colors will be more popular in bathroom spaces. Bathrooms are the perfect spot for color because it’s a small confined space where you can make a big impact. 

You’ll continue to see dark greens be popular in bathrooms, but also look out for maroon and burgundy’s bathrooms in 2024.

Bold and Moody Wallpapers

Hana’s Bathroom Makeover with no windows

Making a big statement in a bathroom is easy with wallpaper. As long as there is good ventilation in a bathroom with either a good quality fan or windows, you can add wallpaper. I used peel and stick wallpaper in many bathrooms and never had an issue of them falling off the wall.

Find the best peel and stick wallpapers of 2024 here!

Add Statement Lighting with Sconces 

Compared to overhead lights, sconces add softer and subtle mood in a bathroom. While overhead lights are usually what you’ll find in a builder grade home, consider hiring an electrician to add sconces on either side of a vanity mirror. Brass sconces will continue to be a huge trend in 2024 bathroom design.

Zellige Tiles for an Organic Style

Heather’s Basement Bathroom Makeover

Zellige tiles are a popular interior design trend. They have been really popular in kitchens and laundry backsplashes in 2024. They’ve also been a new trend in bathrooms as well. These tiles can be used in a shower or on a feature wall with tiles. These tiles have a beautiful organic shape which usually come in beige or cream. They can match with a variety of different color schemes in a bathroom

Hanging your Shower Curtain High

An easy way to update your bathroom without any DIY or renovation is to hang a shower curtain high. Too often a shower curtain is hung too low. Opt for a longer length shower curtain and hang it high and wide as you would for a window. This will draw the eye up and make the ceiling look taller. And while you’re hanging the shower curtain, also swap out for a brass, shower rod and hooks.

Personalize Flooring with Penny Tiles

Chris loves Julia used Penny Tiles in their powder room

Tiles are a must have in a bathroom. When thinking about new styles for tile flooring, Penny tile has become very popular. Penny tile is a really fun way to add a more transitional or classical ambiance in a bathroom. It’s really fun because you can personalize the pattern to make it your own. Most commonly you will see white penny tile patterns with a black flower or a diamond motif and a black border.

Add a Vintage Runner to add Coziness

Studio McGee’s Primary Bathroom at the Hill Estate


Bathmats remind me of old dated bathrooms. Trash the bathmat, and grab a vintage runner. If you have a small powder room you can still add a 2 x 3 small vintage style rug. A vintage rug is a huge decor trend in living rooms, bedrooms and bathroom in 2024.

A runner is a great way to cover old flooring if a renovation is not in the budget. Plus, it warms up tile in the winter

Smart technology bathrooms 

Don’t forget to add the elements of technology to make your bathroom more sanitary. If you’re replacing your toilet, get an automatic flush toilet. You can also get a faucet that is tap to turn on or automatic through a sensor. This can save you money on your Hydro bill.

Heated Flooring for Ultimate Comfort

If you’re replacing the flooring in your bathroom in 2024, don’t sleep on heated floors. When I renovated my niece’s bathroom, we added it ourself (with the help of an electrician).

Especially if you live in a colder climate, you’ll thank yourself with heated flooring in the winter!

Add a Double Vanity for Convenience

photo of mirrors in bathroom
Photo by Quark Studio on Pexels.com

If you have the space, add a double vanity. It will help you and your partner reduce friction in the mornings, plus it gives each person more space for their products. A vanity with additional storage like shelves or drawers is a bonus!

Slat Wall

A modern slat wall is a popular design trend for bathrooms in 2024. Add a feature wall in a bathroom to reflect your modern style. Adding interest to bathroom walls is a popular way to make a small space pop! Plus, A slat wall is such an easy beginner DIY project!

Vintage Style Vanity with a Curved Marble Top

Lauren’s Half Bathroom Makeover

A vintage style vanity is usually in dark wood and looks like a dresser. You can even use a vintage dresser and add on a marble countertop and sink to make this look come to life. Add a curved marble backsplash to accompany your vanity. This type of detailing is really beautiful and has an old world charm. The natural material is a nice contrast to the tiles in a bathroom.

Mixed Metals add Sophistication

Studio McGee Bathroom in the AZ Homestead Project

There’s a big return to polished nickel and brass faucets with the more classic and traditional shape. These bathroom fixtures add sparkle to an otherwise dull bathroom.

Don’t be afraid to mix metals through your fixtures and cabinet hardware in 2024

Vanity with Long Legs

Jen’s beautiful powder room makeover

A vanity with beautiful exposed legs is a return to an old style. It’s a really classic look. It can also make a small bathroom look bigger without a bulky vanity cabinet.

Add Wood Beams to Highlight the Ceiling 

Studio McGee Master Bathroom

Don’t overlook your ceiling in a bathroom. Add beams to your bathroom ceiling to make the bathroom look more rustic. Most often bathrooms don’t have a lot of wood accents, but this wood beams trend is a great way to add natural materials into the bathroom.

Freestanding Tub for Self-care

With more of us having less time to get away to the spa, a freestanding tub is a great way to bring the spa experience into your own home. There’s different shapes for a freestanding tub, but both the modern shape and a clawfoot tub are a great option, depending on the style of your bathroom.

Glass Shower Door with a Modern Grid

Chris loves Julia updated this bathroom for their daughter

If a tub is not an option for you, install a shower door instead of a shower curtain. Modern shower doors with a black grid are very popular for 2024. A shower door looks a lot more modern and sleek versus a shower curtain.

An Inset Bath Caddy 

If you’re building a new shower wall, add an inset bath caddy. This will make the shower look a lot cleaner and you will have a space to hold all your shampoos and body washes. It’s a small detail that looks luxurious.

Replace Boring Builder Grade Mirrors 

Studio McGee Bathroom in the AZ Homestead Project

Remove your builder grade mirror and add an interesting mirror. It can be an arch mirror or round mirror but it’s a simple way to personalize your bathroom. These mirrors also look fantastic when paired with sconces.

Floating Vanity for a Modern Bathroom in 2024

Beautiful Modern Bathroom

If you love a modern bathroom, opt for a floating vanity. Removing the legs off of your vanity will make the bathroom look that much more modern.

Traditional Wall Design

There’s so many different types of feature walls: shiplap or paneling. As long as you use a paint that can withstand mildew and mold, you can add panelling to a bathroom as well. 

Revamp your bathroom into a contemporary haven by embracing the bathroom trends of 2024. From smart technologies to traditional inspired designs, this new year invites you to infuse style and functionality into your space. With these bathroom remodel ideas, step into the future with a bathroom that reflects your unique taste.

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